12 March, 2015

Travel Nursing

A new venture!! I started travel nursing with my very best friend as of March this year. It was simultaneously a hard and an easy decision to make. It was hard because man, it is a scary thing to decide to move every 3 months. No roots, no coming home to your same bed every night of the year, and if you're me, no chance at decorating your apartment like you want it. I think it's Oprah who asid that your home should hug you and man do I agree! On the other hand though, it is exhilirating to think of all the places I'll get to see and experience, how much I'll grow as a nurse and as a person in general. If I let myself, I can be very introverted and would rather keep to myself than make new friends. People who interact with me daily do not believe that I'm as shy as I say but thats's because over the years, I've made myself interact with people. I've been faking that ish with the hope that someday, the idea of meeting new people will not terrify the crap outta me...still a work in progress for sure.

So what is travel nursing you say? Well , basically you sign up with an agency who finds you jobs anywhere in the country (as well as internationally) that meets your needs/qualifications, and then you choose one of the offers that you prefer. You then get to stay and work in your new city for the duration of the contract 9typically 13 weeks). When your assignment is done, you gather your belongings and move on to the next place. Fun right?!

Being as it is that I have no family stateside, I thought, eh why not?! Plus I get to travel with an absolutely amazing human being! Can't beat that. Oh and did I tell you that pets are allowed?! So my benji boy is on board too.

I'll be writing more about my experiences and all that good stuff so stay tuned!!


29 October, 2014

A New Era Begins

So I cut my hair all off. Why you ask? Because I had the "itch". That itch to do something you wouldn't typically do. It felt like a dare and I had no choice. I've been stuck in a pretty crappy place for the past two years. It's ebbs and flows but all the same, I've been the unhappiest I've been in all my life these past 2-4 years. But that's in the past now. Things are resolving, I'm determined to be happy and I'm taking big leaps of faith. So what better way to showcase that but by listing to the itch. So yeah, back to square one when it comes to hair. That just means I'll have tons of material to blog about as I rediscover my hair. 

Until next time,

23 October, 2014

Necessity is The Mother of Invention

Living in a small town has meant being incredibly self sufficient. This of course means becoming well-versed in doing my own hair. So I bring you my latest installation. Crochet Marley twists!

So basically Marley twists but done on a crochet braid base. It took me 5 hours from start to finish. I brushed out the Marley hair to make it puffier and used two pieces cut in two per braid. This method allows you to have your braids appear very full without the time commitment and it also saves those edges a lil bit

Here goes it!


I'll try and keep it in as long as I can and maybe get a decent picture of the back. 

That's it for now. Until later!


19 October, 2014

Blog Name Change - Old is New

Ummmmm.....my blog name is back to being www.chyscurlz.blogspot.com. Why? Because I haven't been on here at all and so I forgot to renew my domain name so yeah.  Maybe it'll give me a chance to change the name completely? Either way, that's what I came on to say.

The blog name is henceforth www.chyscurlz.blogspot.com. Until further notice.


30 May, 2014

New Beginings

I don't know if there is anyone here anymore. But I'm here after a year of zero blogging, I'm back. I'm going to write for myself and if there are people drawn to my story, I welcome them aboard. I'm going to write about anything and everything that makes me tick. I love fashion, I love reading, I love fitness, I love weight lifting, I love home decor, I love DIYs, I love crochet, I love being a Nurse, I love being a Jehovah's witness and helping others study the bible. I'm going to write about all that I love. I guess you'll have to call this a lifestyle blog from now on...because it's going to be about my lifeStyle. They say to have a particular niche when blogging. But rules are meant to be broken and I'm uniquely me and that's what I'm going to present to you. So, it might be prudent to have a list of what I have planned coming up. But I don't have a list so how can I supply one? I guess we'll just see where this goes. Talk to you guys myself soon :)