06 December, 2011

My Hair Journey

If you've read this post , you'll know that I got my hair relaxed by my mom sometime while I was still in grade school. I don't know why she did, but I suspect it's because it was probably easier for her to take care of. I don't remember my hair when it was relaxed, I just know that when I got to Junior high, my school in Ghana had all the girls cut their hair. So, I wore a TWA from Junior high throughout high school. i might have had it relaxed in between school breaks but always cut it all off before school started each term.

Pre Relaxer, You can't really see my hair cuz it was cornrowed back

First relaxer days

TWA days in HS with the white sneakers
So, after HS, I just kept perming my hair. I treated my hair horribly: I put the relaxer in my self probably every 4 weeks and I applied it from root to tip so they always overlapped, I messed with color a LOT. As a result, my hair never went past my shoulders.
Relaxer days, around 2005

I still didn't think anything about it until one day I saw this amazing stewardess with the best TWA and the best color ever and I decided there and then to cut my hair. I did that evening and I loved it! the freedom, waking up and going, my coils....I loved it all. I kept a TWA for about three to four months.
August 2008 BC

October 2008, I kept it short

This was in October 2008 but I had no idea that there was a natural hair revolution going on so of course as my hair grew, I had no clue how to take care of it. So I proceeded to hide it in weaves, wigs, you name it, I did it.

January 2009

July 2009

October 2009

May 2009, 1.5 years later but still with no noticeable growth and damaged ends

May 2010, back in a wig

May 2010. I straightened the front portion of my hair and had permanent heat damage
As a result of this, My hair did not thrive; it was dry and dull so what do I do? I color it...many many times (about 3 times back-to-back) but for some reason, I never thought to perm it, I just thought I will keep wearing weaves and so on until I figured it out.
October 2010, still stagnated growth
That is until I moved away from Chicago to Indiana in August 2010 for school. I didn't have any where to get my hair done, no friends to braid it up for me in a heart beat and I was forced to learn how to take care of my hair. Here begins my foray into YouTube videos and blogs and the rest as they say is history...:)
Nursing school, started taking better care of my hair September 2010

My hair was finally thriving but my ends were still damaged from heat July 2011

October 2011, 3 years natural. Flat ironed and cut off 2" of damaged ends. Yay!
November 2011, My hair today
I'm still learning to take better care of my hair as it is very thin and fragile. My challenge for 2012 will be to keep it simple (KIS) as much as possible. Here is to a fabulous continued Journey, never give up even when it seems really really hard. Just remember that it gets better once you are committed!!



  1. I love your hair. I transitioned for 8 months, and then had the remaining relaxer cut out of my hair in September 2011. I am loving this journey and have learned to embrace my natural hair. It has grown quite a bit since September but I want to learn to care for my hair even better and gain much more growth. Styling is my big thing now. I usually do a two strand twistout and that's about it. I am looking for someone in my area that is good with natural hair. God Bless your for posting your hair journey..

    1. Woot woot !!! You go girl!! Dosen't it feel good though to embrace your hair the way it is? And it definitely gets better once you figure out products and styles etc...I say enjoy the journey, look to break out of the "norm" and have fun! VIsit often too :)

  2. CantthinkofanicknameMarch 15, 2012 at 9:58 PM

    I luv the timeline with your pics. I might do the same just to document my progress!

  3. Thank you for your blog, I too have fine, fragile strands. I started my transition with braids in 2006. I took the braids out for good in Sept 2010 and it felt amazing, although a little scary. I had no idea what to do with my hair, but fortunately I found a Deva salon to trim and show me how to style it. The hair care and regimen I learned from bloggers like you and youtubers. Thank goodness for this community or I would have no clue. I research constantly for inspiration and ideas on new styles. There aren't as many geared towards us with finer strands so thank you!!

    1. Awwww Shanni, you are welcome. I love this community too. It has been so beneficial :)

  4. Aww u lived in chicago too? I lived n the nw suburbs n went to college for a lil in indiana middle of nowhere lol. Your hair journey is so inspiring esp the keeping it simple part! I find it so easy to get caught up n all the new true n tried products that its almost overwhelming at times but if u can do it so can anyone else!

    1. I love Chicago and I miss living there. I also live in a small town in Indiana for school. I know, keeping it simple has been a life saver.

  5. I like your new, clean & streamlined look! Now, get some rest!

  6. Thanks Lissa, yup I should go to bed.

  7. Glad you're figuring it out! May I say, though, that your hair isn't that thin; the 2011 pic with you in a twist-out (as well as other pics in various posts) proves it. It may not be as full as, say RusticBeauty's, but it's still pretty nice and full (and looks fuller than BeautifulBrownBabyDol's and she refers to hers as full and thick). You've got beautiful hair!


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