22 October, 2011

First Day of Terressentials Organic Hair Wash

I finally bit the bullet and bought the Terressentials hair wash and it rocks!! It is the best thing I've ever used on my hair and I'm not exaggerating not even an iota.

Products Used:
What I did:
  • I undid my yarn braids that I had in for all of two weeks (whole other post)... smh
  • I sectioned my hair into 8 sections, four in the back and four in the front
  • I spritzed each section with some water and then applied the mud from root to tip.
  • I made sure to massage the hair wash on my scalp to cleanse the scalp and then distribute it further down the strands.
  • And can I tell you, my hair was so easy to detangle it. I know that when I use HEHH, it detangles well but there was something about the hair wash that made it just that much easier to detangle.
  • I retained the sections and twisted it after detangling.

  • I then covered my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for about 1-2hrs (I just forgot about it)
  • It was time to get in the shower, I let the stream of water run on the hair first and then I undid each twist and washed it more thoroughly.
  • When I got out of the shower, my coils were so well defined and soft to the touch. I didn't do the three washes, which is partly why I had left it in for as long as I did.
  • Suffice it to say that I'm super excited to see what my hair will look like after the whole 5 days "detox"
Results after day 1:

That's it...till later

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