26 October, 2011

What do naturals want?

You see many blogs where the bloggers have all these advice to dispense and knowledge to impart and hardly any about struggles we all face and the process of learning together. It got me thinking, is this the case because of demand? Are ladies embarking on their natural hair journeys just looking for an "advice giver" in a blogger. Don't get me wrong, I see the need to have somewhere to get reliable information but I kinda like a blog where I feel as though the blogger is fallible just like the rest of us. That they are struggling with moisture retention or high porosity.

Ladies, so the question is are you looking for advice or fellowship?


  1. Hello! I think it's more fellowship, which is why we're now called a black hair 'community'. The advice is nice but I think the ability to commiserate with other women who've decided to accept and embrace our hair helps us through!

  2. Thanks Niki for letting me know that the community sense matters too. Will strive to create that sense of community on here.


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