15 November, 2011

Flat Twist Updo (picture heavy)

This is just a quick post of an updo I did this morning before heading off to my final project presentation (we did awesome!). I wanted something simple and yet elegant. I twisted my hair last night. I did flat twists in the front and about 10 twists in the back that I held up with this twisty thingy (don't know the name)...enjoy!

My hair still looks scalpy but I think flat twists works better than individual twists
I just basically gathered the 10 or so twists and held it with this accessory

I added a headband to spice it up a bit
I used a couple of pins to hold the ends of the flat twists in place
the top view
back view

Any ideas on how to make parts less visible when you have thinner hair? Also, the hair accessory above snags my hair but it keeps the updo very well contained. are there any options that are snag-free?


14 November, 2011

My Foray into the World of Banding (threading)

When I was a kid, my mom always sent me to the market where these ladies would braid my hair with thread. They wove this thread into the most intricate designs you've ever seen and I was by no means no exception because all the little girls my age also got them done (that is until schools mandated that we all had to have hair cuts smh [that is another post]).

So, when I saw the many youtube videos on threading as a way to stretch hair, it was not a strange method to me. I've tried it a couple of times but my hair always came out really stringy and it never felt moisturized. I decided that my technique was at fault...I was placing the thread too close to each other.

So yesterday, I tried it again:
  • I washed and de-tangled my hair using my beloved hair wash
  • rinsed out the mud and applied Aubrey Organics GPB Balancing Conditioner to my hair concentrating on my ends
  • I covered that with a shower cap and sat for about 30 minutes while I did my long overdue homework
  • I finished by rinsing that off (my hair was in twists the whole time
Can I say that my hair was uber soft when I was through! I debated adding a leave-in but I skipped that (if it's not dry, don't pile on more products) and
  • Sealed with Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine (review to come).
  • I then proceeded to cut the pieces of thread to start threading
  • My hair was already in six twists, three on each side, so I took the first section and starting on the base, I wrapped the thread to secure the base (tight but not too tight) and then down the length leaving about 1" between each wrap of thread
  • I did this for the other 5 sections and I secured the ends in such a way that will make unravelling it easier (in a loop) and then I hit the sack (around 1 am)

My hair is so fine and not dense, I fear that I might get bald one day :(

I don't know if you ladies see the loop, that makes take down easy
The spaces between each thread was larger this time around

When I woke up a mere 6 hours later, my hair was still a little damp but I had to leave for lectures and I really didn't want to wear a beanie so this is how it turned out:

After I took it down


I did a quick roll, tuck and pin for school

So, I will say it was a pass this time around. I think I might wear my hair tucked the rest of the week. I hope it stays moisturized.

'till later

09 November, 2011

My Final Verdict on Terrensentials Hair Wash

I still love it. After the "detox" (which I did for 5 days) I now use it once every week and if I need it, I will rinse my hair mid-week (with  no product) to revive my curls.

These are pictures from immediately after the "detox":

My coils stayed defined for a really long time, even when it was completely dry

I shouldn't try to edit pictures cuz I do not know what I'm doing
 So, about 2 weeks and two more washe later, I still love it. I find that I hardly need a leave-in conditioner and if my hair starts feeling dry (which it does in twists), I just rinse my hair in the shower and seal with my shea butter mix.

These are pictures from an impromptu updo I did after I took out my twists and before going to the gym this evening:

Hair rinsed and shea butter only to seal

The pieces you see in the back is from twists I took out and was too lazy to seperate all of the pieces

Twist out/WNG updo

Until later...
~smooches, ChiChi.

Achievable Weightloss Plan

So, I cheated...I got on the scale today. I'm supposed to wait until Monday for my official weigh-in but I just couldn't wait. So, I'm glad I did because...drum roll please....I lost 2 lbs!!! Yes I did, yes, I did (imaginary cartwheels!) It always amazes how when I stick to my calorie allotment of 1200-1550, I ALWAYS loose weight. I just discovered this phenomenon this summer when I really buckled down and stuck to my calories for 2 months and lost 14lbs. This had never happened to me before and I repeat, NEVER! not even when I was spending 2 hrs a day 6 days a week in the gym. So, even though I gained about 4lbs back when school started, I KNEW that if I ever wanted to loose the weight for good and stick to a healthy lifestyle, I had to monitor my intake.

So, my plan is as follows:

Current Stats:
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Waist (no sucking in): 37"
  • Lower abdomen: 38"
  • Hips: 44.25"
  • Thigh (L): 26"
  • Arm(L): 13"
  • BMI: 29

    My workout schedule:
    • achievable goal of 1.5lbs loss a week
    • plan the whole week of meals ahead of time using my SparkPeople nutrition tracker
    • stick to 1200-1550 calories a day
    • increase my breakfast protein intake
    • do Zumba at least 3x/wk
    • run 3x/wk using the Bridge210K program ( I finished the c25k and ran a 5k a couple months ago)
    • strength training 4x/wk using the Female Fitness Bible which was mentioned in a post on Hairscapades (minus the supplementation)
    So, even though it might seem like a lot, it really isn't because this puts me at the gym 6 (might end up being 5) days a week for cardio and 4 days for strength training.

    My motivations:
    • Since I have a family history of Diabetes and hypertension, I want to stave it off if I possibly can
    • Get fit before pregnancy (not that it's happening anytime soon but better prepared than not right?)
    • have people ask me if I've lost weight (yup a great motivator :))
    • have awesome muscle definition
    • look AWESOME naked (wink)
    • prove to myself that I can do it!
    • a motivation board (visuals are very powerful)
    Please forgive my rageddy hair

    Jennifer looks amazing!

    It is right in my dinning room so I see it every day

    • Short term goal of 6lbs a month loss met: Get 2 new sports bras and pants
    • Long-term goal of 150lbs (30lbs loss) met: $300 shopping spree or an iPad (depends on the hubby, it's his gift to me)
    I will definitely keep y'all updated on how it goals and I will also blog about any downfalls because after all, to err is human.

    ~smooches, ChiChi.

    07 November, 2011

    Healthy Living with Sparkpeople

    I love Sparkpeople because it allows you to follow a customized program at your own pace. It starts off with a "fast break" stage that basically teaches you the concept of calories in - calories out. During these first few weeks, you work on how to count calories, recognizing your current habits, changing one bad habit at a time. etc. I'm going to do another in depth post on how it works but I just wanted to write this post to say how grateful I am to have this tool at my disposal for free!!

    I'm in Stage 3 Week 3 and this week, my goals is to stick to my meal plan, work out at least 4 days a week and find other things to do when I'm craving something really bad to eat. I will check in everyday with how I am doing for that day.


    Breakfast: Kashi with milk and pineapple
    Snack: Boiled Egg
    Lunch: Jollof rice (1 cup) with 1 cup broccoli and cauliflower and another egg (I'm addicted to eggs)

    Until tomorrow...
    p.s.: I will also do a post on my starting stats and goals :)