09 November, 2011

Achievable Weightloss Plan

So, I cheated...I got on the scale today. I'm supposed to wait until Monday for my official weigh-in but I just couldn't wait. So, I'm glad I did because...drum roll please....I lost 2 lbs!!! Yes I did, yes, I did (imaginary cartwheels!) It always amazes how when I stick to my calorie allotment of 1200-1550, I ALWAYS loose weight. I just discovered this phenomenon this summer when I really buckled down and stuck to my calories for 2 months and lost 14lbs. This had never happened to me before and I repeat, NEVER! not even when I was spending 2 hrs a day 6 days a week in the gym. So, even though I gained about 4lbs back when school started, I KNEW that if I ever wanted to loose the weight for good and stick to a healthy lifestyle, I had to monitor my intake.

So, my plan is as follows:

Current Stats:
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Waist (no sucking in): 37"
  • Lower abdomen: 38"
  • Hips: 44.25"
  • Thigh (L): 26"
  • Arm(L): 13"
  • BMI: 29

    My workout schedule:
    • achievable goal of 1.5lbs loss a week
    • plan the whole week of meals ahead of time using my SparkPeople nutrition tracker
    • stick to 1200-1550 calories a day
    • increase my breakfast protein intake
    • do Zumba at least 3x/wk
    • run 3x/wk using the Bridge210K program ( I finished the c25k and ran a 5k a couple months ago)
    • strength training 4x/wk using the Female Fitness Bible which was mentioned in a post on Hairscapades (minus the supplementation)
    So, even though it might seem like a lot, it really isn't because this puts me at the gym 6 (might end up being 5) days a week for cardio and 4 days for strength training.

    My motivations:
    • Since I have a family history of Diabetes and hypertension, I want to stave it off if I possibly can
    • Get fit before pregnancy (not that it's happening anytime soon but better prepared than not right?)
    • have people ask me if I've lost weight (yup a great motivator :))
    • have awesome muscle definition
    • look AWESOME naked (wink)
    • prove to myself that I can do it!
    • a motivation board (visuals are very powerful)
    Please forgive my rageddy hair

    Jennifer looks amazing!

    It is right in my dinning room so I see it every day

    • Short term goal of 6lbs a month loss met: Get 2 new sports bras and pants
    • Long-term goal of 150lbs (30lbs loss) met: $300 shopping spree or an iPad (depends on the hubby, it's his gift to me)
    I will definitely keep y'all updated on how it goals and I will also blog about any downfalls because after all, to err is human.

    ~smooches, ChiChi.


    1. chi this is quite nice ,i ll be stopping by to catch up winks!

    2. Okay, can I tell you that I am soooo proud of you?!?! LOL!!! Just finding out that you are a covert GOCer and seeing what you've done already just makes me smile! It inspires and motivates. Get it gurl:)!!

      (Btw, your Terressentials Mud Hair Wash review is going up tomorrow around noon!!! Thank you for sharing!!)

    3. Hi Shelli, Sorry, I would have replied immediately but I didn't realize that I can to "accept" the comments or something like that (gosh, blogging is fun but there is so much to learn). So, yup, I lurk but I absolutely love your blog and I used to read your posts way back when. Thanks for posting my review:)


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