15 November, 2011

Flat Twist Updo (picture heavy)

This is just a quick post of an updo I did this morning before heading off to my final project presentation (we did awesome!). I wanted something simple and yet elegant. I twisted my hair last night. I did flat twists in the front and about 10 twists in the back that I held up with this twisty thingy (don't know the name)...enjoy!

My hair still looks scalpy but I think flat twists works better than individual twists
I just basically gathered the 10 or so twists and held it with this accessory

I added a headband to spice it up a bit
I used a couple of pins to hold the ends of the flat twists in place
the top view
back view

Any ideas on how to make parts less visible when you have thinner hair? Also, the hair accessory above snags my hair but it keeps the updo very well contained. are there any options that are snag-free?


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