09 November, 2011

My Final Verdict on Terrensentials Hair Wash

I still love it. After the "detox" (which I did for 5 days) I now use it once every week and if I need it, I will rinse my hair mid-week (with  no product) to revive my curls.

These are pictures from immediately after the "detox":

My coils stayed defined for a really long time, even when it was completely dry

I shouldn't try to edit pictures cuz I do not know what I'm doing
 So, about 2 weeks and two more washe later, I still love it. I find that I hardly need a leave-in conditioner and if my hair starts feeling dry (which it does in twists), I just rinse my hair in the shower and seal with my shea butter mix.

These are pictures from an impromptu updo I did after I took out my twists and before going to the gym this evening:

Hair rinsed and shea butter only to seal

The pieces you see in the back is from twists I took out and was too lazy to seperate all of the pieces

Twist out/WNG updo

Until later...
~smooches, ChiChi.


  1. Thanks for the review. I'm purchasing the Wash today!!! Which one did you buy?

  2. Hi Tianna, I bought the left coast lemon and I love it but I've heard that the lavender is really good too. What I would do is buy 8 oz of each and then see which you like the most. I bought the16 oz of the lemon and I wish I had split it. But now, I will wait until I run out to buy the lavender.

  3. Let me know how it goes! I hope it makes ur life easy as it certainly has mine!

  4. We have a grab bag at work and we list what we want on a sheet so that our secret santa has gift ideas. I asked for a gift certificate for Terressentials!!! LOL!! They don't advertise them on the site, but I e-mailed them and they said they can be ordered over the phone. Wooh-hooh! So, I will be trying it after I remove my twists ... but that won't be until the end of January. That's the thing about twists, I can't be a product junkie!! Booh. LOL!!


  5. You go girl, going for what you want. I wish I had someone to pay for just the shipping charges for me. Are you sure you are ready to take the leap though because you know that you will need to get rid of all your lovely silicone and other-stuff laden products? :)


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