14 November, 2011

My Foray into the World of Banding (threading)

When I was a kid, my mom always sent me to the market where these ladies would braid my hair with thread. They wove this thread into the most intricate designs you've ever seen and I was by no means no exception because all the little girls my age also got them done (that is until schools mandated that we all had to have hair cuts smh [that is another post]).

So, when I saw the many youtube videos on threading as a way to stretch hair, it was not a strange method to me. I've tried it a couple of times but my hair always came out really stringy and it never felt moisturized. I decided that my technique was at fault...I was placing the thread too close to each other.

So yesterday, I tried it again:
  • I washed and de-tangled my hair using my beloved hair wash
  • rinsed out the mud and applied Aubrey Organics GPB Balancing Conditioner to my hair concentrating on my ends
  • I covered that with a shower cap and sat for about 30 minutes while I did my long overdue homework
  • I finished by rinsing that off (my hair was in twists the whole time
Can I say that my hair was uber soft when I was through! I debated adding a leave-in but I skipped that (if it's not dry, don't pile on more products) and
  • Sealed with Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine (review to come).
  • I then proceeded to cut the pieces of thread to start threading
  • My hair was already in six twists, three on each side, so I took the first section and starting on the base, I wrapped the thread to secure the base (tight but not too tight) and then down the length leaving about 1" between each wrap of thread
  • I did this for the other 5 sections and I secured the ends in such a way that will make unravelling it easier (in a loop) and then I hit the sack (around 1 am)

My hair is so fine and not dense, I fear that I might get bald one day :(

I don't know if you ladies see the loop, that makes take down easy
The spaces between each thread was larger this time around

When I woke up a mere 6 hours later, my hair was still a little damp but I had to leave for lectures and I really didn't want to wear a beanie so this is how it turned out:

After I took it down


I did a quick roll, tuck and pin for school

So, I will say it was a pass this time around. I think I might wear my hair tucked the rest of the week. I hope it stays moisturized.

'till later

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