02 December, 2011

A mosaic of a simple flat twist updo

You can either leave the twists hanging or you can flat-twist all of them upwards towards the crown and secure with goody spin pins ( review coming soon) or hair pins.

This is an updo I did as a way to get my hands out of my hair. I wore it for about 5 days which is average for me before I start getting antsy. It is a really great style if you have fine hair that tends to look scalpy with individual twists like I do.

If you have fine hair, what is your go to protective style?


  1. Love this! I really like your twist styles! They are very nice, creative and I would never believe your hair is not dense/thick!


  2. Yeah, I need to post some pictures of me with invividual twists and yup, you will see what I mean! Flat twists are a saver for me and I love they look so it's a win-win.

  3. I like to flat twist the front and do individual twists in the back. I know what you mean by saying that they look "scalpy" I stop wearing cornrows for that reason.


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