30 December, 2011

My New Protective Style - Yarn Twists

I decide to give myself and my hair a break to focus on other things that I'm working on, so I put in some yarn twists, I've done yarn braids in the past and while they may last longer, they are a PAIN to put in and a bigger pain to take out. The yarn braids took me about 8 hours to put in and about 4 or so hours to take out the first time I did it. Since then, I've only done yarn twists and this is my second time. It took me a total of 4 hours to install them and I expect it will be super easy to take out. I also do them a bit chunkier than normal and use four strands of yarn to make it fuller and use 3 strands for my perimeter.

I plan to wear it for at least 2 weeks, I will ideally love to stretch it longer but I know how antsy I can get with PS so I don't see it lasting 4 weeks. However, I will try really hard and see how it goes.To hopefully make me have it in for a longer time, I did cornrows in the front which I took out after the first week and redid the front with individual twists.
You see my pretty highlight?
Not a very good picture but here's it with the corn rows

I added 2 red "highlights" for some fun!

I have really fine edges so I just don't touch it. I try to get as much as I can but I let the rest be. Might not be super neat but ah well...

The below is how I maintain it:
  • Wash 1x/wk with diluted Terressentials Hair Wash ( I make it really watery so I can rinse it easily)
  • It takes about a day and a half to fully dry so I don't put anything in it after I wash it so that it doesn't further delay the drying process (we don't want a mildewy smell).
  • After it is completely dry, I spray a mixture of Aloe Vera juice, olive oil, lavender and tea tree EOs on it in sections and squeeze it into the braids to make sure my hair is moisturized as well
  • Every other day, I will spray it with the above mixture. And that's it! My hair stays moisturized and I get a much needed break
Advice if you are getting yarn braids:
  • I think it is a great protective style if you need a break,
  • the key thing to keep in mind is to make sure you don't braid too tight. This way, you are not damaging your edges just because you have a protective style in,
  • try twists (braid the roots of the twists to keep them secure) instead of braids as it is much faster to install and take down than braids,
  • twist in bigger sections but increase the strands of yarn you use to make it fuller,
  • wash your hair once a week so that you have a clean scalp especially if you workout,
  • you can choose to deep condition, but I find that as long as I spritz it every other day, I don't need to DC. Plus I keep it in for only 2 to 3 weeks anyways so I don't feel like I'm doing much damage by not DC'ing in those few weeks,
  • use a daily moisturizing spritz that is water based or you can also use aloe vera juice. This way, since you are not using creamy leave-ins, you don't have too much build-up on the roots of the twists
  • Finally.....have FUN with it, try different styles you can't otherwise do with you own hair.  A great youtuber who has a series on yarn braids is blackonyx so check her out for styling ideas.
That's it from me ladies, any more tips and tricks you have to share? Please do it below. Thanks!


PS: please let me know if you will like a detailed tutorial on how I do my yarn twists :)


  1. You did that by yourself? Kai! Looks good. Great tips. I am a big believer of not taking a break just because one's hair is in a "protective style". Defeats the purpose of putting it in one, n'est pas?

  2. @Natural Nigerian

    Thanks, yes I did it my self because I never leave it in long enough to warrant the cost of someone else doing it for me. Yup, you definitely have to take care of the hair underneath otherwise after your protecting is done, you will have a horrible situation with your own hair.

  3. id love to have a tutorial

  4. Unfortunately, my hair is too short to do them now but I will do a tutorial once I get some length

  5. hi chi, your hair looks lovely. how many strands of yarn did you use for each twist?

  6. Hi Igborian lol @ the name...I used 3 strands for the perimeter and 4 strands for the rest. I used that much because I parted the sections pretty big so I needed more yarn to ensure fullness. Otherwise, if you will be doing smaller portions, then 2 strands for the perimeter and 3for the rest should do.

  7. This is helpful stuff, thank you. I'd like to try them out, so can you upload a detailed tutorial on how to do them please?


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