01 December, 2011

Protective Hairstyle for Fine-Hair Naturals

I find that it is really hard for me to protective style with twists because they end up really scalpy. When I say that, a lot of people think it's because I'm not comfortable with the "look" of twists, no, believe me, that's not it. I wish I could wear twists out without looking like a de-feathered chicken. So, anywho, I began experimenting with different styles and this particlular one was really easy to do.

  • I washed my hair with the mud wash, sealed with shea butter and banded it overnight
  • In the morning, I seperated a section of hair in the front from ear to ear
  • I further divided the front section into two sections
  • I did chunky single twists on one section and flat-twisted the other section up from my ear
  • I thin pin-curled the loose twists as well as the ends of the flat twists and the below pictures showcase the results...enjoy!
  • I wore it for about 5 days before doing something else with it.

I tell you, this hair accessory is the best, you just gather your loose hair in the back and clip it in and viola!

The pin curls, please forgive the shine it was the end of the day

Flat twists up from the ear area

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