08 December, 2011

Weightloss Update 2

Hi ladies,

Today was weigh-in day and I lost 1lb which means I'm back where I was at the end of the summer when I lost 14lbs (and gained back 5lbs back when I got to school). I forgot to take a picture of the scale but will certainly do next week. I still haven't been able to make it the gym and it is going on three weeks now but my eating has been on point. I went to a baby shower and went out with the hubby over the weekend and I over-indulged a little bit so I stuck to the lower end of my calories (1200) for the rest of the week and it worked out just fine.

Current weight: 176.4lbs

Goals for next week:
  • learn strategies for successful social eating
  • get back into the gym for 4 days a week minimum
That's it from me. How are you guys doing?


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