31 January, 2012

Protective Styling Woes and Victories for Fine Hair

Feb. 2011

The above picture is of my hair in February of 2011 and as you can see, my twists are not like those luscious, thick and full twists we see so many fabulous ladies rocking. My hair has always been fine and a low density even when I was relaxed. So, when I went natural, this translated to gap-y twists and I just didn't like the look on me. Normally, I would just move on from it...okay so my hair doesn't do individual twists so what? But I just couldn't move on. Why, you ask?  Because I knew that since I had fine hair, it was important for me to wear more protective styles and to me, protective styles were twists pinned up and left alone for several days at a time.

However, I just didn't like the look on me. I tried...I mean REALLY tried to love it on me. I would wear more makeup, bigger earrings, cute bows/headbands,flowers, beanies (can't wear them everywhere); and I still didn't like it. So, the next question was, how was I going to protect these fine strands of mine while satisfying my psychological need to like the way my hair is styled?

Well, I decided to try other protective styles like: buns (I was pulling on my edges too much), twist outs (too much manipulation every night but it was better), flat twists (worked the best), and updos on stretched hair (liked it a lot). So, I had many options to choose from now and upon implementation, my hair was thriving. You see, the above picture is of my hair after 3 years of being natural. Yes, the twists were on wet hair so it was a bit shrunken but I was not retaining appreciable length until I started doing more protective styles.

Fast forward to December 2011 when I decided to revisit individual twists:
Dry Twists December 2011

Wet Twists with Shrinkage Dec 2011

 My results were better this time around for several reasons:
  • I had cut off about 2" of color damaged ends so my hair looked better
  • I discovered that twisting in the opposite direction from what feels natural to me yielded plumper twists as the twists tend to unravel just a little bit thereby making them appear plumper (try this and see what you think. It was a game changer for me.)
  • My hair had more length and density (from shorter hair growing out) from many months of more protective styling
Mind you, I still prefer flat twists and updos for my fine and low density tresses but whenever I do individual twists in my bang area, they do not look as spac-y anymore.
Updo after taking out  flat twists

Love me some flat twists. SO many styles you can create

As you can see, my hair is still not very dense but I make it work
Crochet Braids are also great when worn for short stints

Are you a fine-haired-low-density natural? Try these tips and let me know what you think and please share any other tips and tricks you have for protecting your ends.


  1. I just found your blog while looking for protective styles for fine hair. I have the same issue, but my hair is high density - still yields scallywags twists. Would you mind showing some of the other protective styles that you did? I could use some ideas!

  2. Hi Ings, thanks for visiting. Since I cut my hair, I don't have the needed length for protective styles. Youtube is a great resource. I think I probably did flat twist updos more than any other though.


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