30 January, 2012

Small Steps amounts to a Giant Leap - 28 days challenge recap

When I told a friend I wanted to do this challenge, she said "why don't you just do an hour and a half of workout on one day and call it a day?" I completely understand where she was coming from. I used to be that girl who felt success only when I had spent 2 or so hours at the gym. It was all or nothing for me. If I read an article that said that you had to do one hour of exercise a day to loose weight, it was that hour or nothing. But of course as you can imagine, this mentality had major pitfalls.

For one thing, life is the most predictably unpredictable thing there is. There is the issue of a job, school, family, spiritual activities, sleep and many more things that clamour for our time. If you are anything like me, these other things manage to get my most undivided attention with exercise falling to the wayside.

Think about it...if you were to choose between spending 20 minutes driving to the gym, doing your exercise of choice for on hour, driving back home - another 20 minutes (a total of 1 hour 40 minutes) and going home and relaxing in front of the TV or making dinner, which would you choose? Of course, there are those who will choose the former but statistics show that for most Americans, the later is a more feasible choice.

That's why I took on the 28 days challenge of doing at least 10 minutes of exercise for 28 consecutive days inspired by SparkPeople.com. I'm happy to say that I did it!! yay!! It wasn't as hard as I thought because I had the help of the amazing ladies on the Facebook group we created to motivate each other and check in after our workouts each day. That was a HUGE factor!

Another resource that made it easier was being able to workout at home. Shelli over at Hairscapades mentioned in a post how important it was for her to develop an at home workout program and I completely agree. Don't get me wrong, I still love me some Zumba and running and all that but knowing that I have an at home routine means one less excuse and you can do it at any time of the day or night or dawn lol.

Chris Downie the founder of SparkPeople says it best in his book "The Spark":

                           "Small steps not only lay a firm foundation of success and confidence when you're starting out but also make it easier to recover when you've had a setback. You can easily return to small steps to get back on track."

So, here is to small steps that will ensure we get to take that big leap!!

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