05 January, 2012

Yarn Twists....The END

I had my yarn twists in for exactly how long I thought I was gointg to...2 weeks. Once it clicked in my mind that the 2 weeks was up, I got the invisible itch to see my hair again. I can be very impulsive, I can regale you with stories of how I will go to the 24 hour Walgreen's at 12am to buy some hair bleach and a relaxer kit, come home and then relax AND bleach my hair all before 3am smh. Yup, so I am very impulsive when it comes to hair. But it was good while it lasted and the best part is that since I did twists, I can always put it back in next week and it will take only 4 hours or so.

Now, to the take down process. It took me only 30 minutes or so undo my whole head of hair which wasn't bad AT ALL!! I usually would detangle as I go but I didn't this time and I wish I had because when it came time to detangle, I was overwhelmed, impatient and in the process probably broke hair that did not need to be broken. Again, patience is key when handling natural hair, so my advice will be to detangle as you go, one unraveled braid at a time. Since I was rushing through the detangling process this is what I did:
  • Divided my hair into five sections,
  • slathered on coconut oil on each section and sprayed it lightly with some water,
  • I finger-detangled some, followed by a wide-tooth comb (I haven't used a comb on my hair in quite a while),
  • I used the mud wash to wash my hair making sure to concentrate my efforts on my roots to get rid of any buildup,
  • I applied some AO GBP conditioner from root to tip, covered with a shower cap and deep conditioned for about 20 minuted under my hooded dryer,
With the conditioner in

  • I washed off the deep conditioner (all the while my hair is in the four twists). At this point, my hair was uber soft and moisturized,
  • I divided each section into four smaller sections,
  • I then used a little bit of the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Style Milk on each section as a leave-in and a little bit of Jane Carter Nourish and Shine to seal the very ends and twisted each section - flat twist the roots to maintain a uniform curl pattern as well as well as ensure that the roots are not puffy - for a total of 20 twists,

  • that's it! I went on to the gym and came back and rolled my hair on flexi-rods (try to roll your hair in a spiral formation to ensure that the curls are elongated)
I hope my twist-out comes out good tomorrow, I will sleep on a satin scarf to hopefully ensure it dries fully. We all know how hard it is to get hair to dry fully when set on soaking wet hair. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Anyone impulsive, impatient or flat out abusive to their hair (could be past tense too), well share on how you overcame it or how you plan to overcome it. I need help!



  1. I did a post on the beginning of my twists take-down earlier today! It'll publish tomorrow! And, I said the same thing, detangle each section immediately after removing the twists. I've always done that with extensions. But, I tried doing 3 twists at one time and it caused a problem. I can't imagine taking them all down and then trying to detangle though! Wooh, you did well! Some people end up BCing doing that!! But, they probably had the style in a lot longer too!

    Your released style looks really cute! You are looking fabulous too! You look like you've lost even more weight!


  2. Thanks Shelli. Yes, I could only get away with detangling at the end because I had the style in for only 2 weeks and the sections were bigger. Even then, that was absolutely pushing it. Never again.

    I lost a couple more pounds but I weighed myself this morning and the scale said I had gained 5lbs which is an imposibility (no way did I eat 3500 more calories *5 than my BMR that it would take to gain 5lbs so I think it's water weight from the time of the month). Either way, I'm keeping the scale away for a few weeks and just focus on doing what I know I ought to do to live a healthy lifestyle and see what the results are afterwards. I just hate living in accordance with what the scale says from week to week. Time to find another measure of success i.e. how I feel when I eat the appropriate amount of calories and how great I feel when I workout.

  3. I tend to weigh myself often, but I know that the number will fluctuate high and low around that time of the month, so I don't let it bother me. In fact, what can be really awesome is sticking with your diet and routine during that time and then seeing the scale do a major dip a couple of days after the deal is done!! I swear my metabolism goes into overdrive during that time and if I can control it enough to stay on point with my meals (maybe adding a few extra calories with fruits and nuts), it almost always pays off!!

    Also, I've been doing this so long, I can kind of tell how much I weigh, when I've lost ... I can feel it in my muscles and the tightness of my core. So, the scale just usually corroborates what I already know. Getting on it often helps check me when I'm going overboard. But, it shouldn't be the end all be all and you are absolutely right that you know you are doing what you need to right now. So, you shouldn't worry about it and shouldn't get on the scale because seeing a weight you don't expect can definitely be discouraging when you know that you are doing everything right.

    Thumbs up!!


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