14 February, 2012

I BC'ed...again + Curl pattern + Curly Girl Method

I love my coils!

I did my second BIG CHOP (BC)!! Why you might ask will someone do that after almost 4 years of being natural? Well, I was just....fed up! I was fed up with my hair not behaving the way I would like it to on a regular basis. I wanted to get to know my curls better...not curls from twist outs and braid outs and all of that. Just MY curls, the way they sprout from my head. Isn't that the reason a lot of us went/go natural in the first place...to discover and love our natural textures.

I kept thinking to myself, if that is the case, why do I on a regular basis try to alter that same curl pattern that I wanted to discover and love? It just didn't make sense to me. Let me say that I have absolutely NOTHING against twist outs and braid outs and styles of that nature, it's just that I got tired of the unpredictability and nightly twisting and all that. I.WAS.TIRED.

Now, before going for my hair cut, I tried WNGs for a couple of weeks thinking that it will enable me to manipulate my hair less while enjoying my curls. Can I say what an absolute FAILURE that was!! It failed because for the 3+ years I've been natural, I've either been weaved up, braided up, twisted out, protective styled or a combination thereof. I really never invested time into getting to know my curls and appreciate them so when I decided to WNG, what ensued was a matted, tangled, single strand knotted head of hair and I was frustrated.

I knew there had to be an easier way. That's when I remembered something I had read before about how simple being natural truly is. I wanted that simplicity and ease so I BCed and I love that I did! This time around, I will learn how to take better care of my hair, how to achieve length - and retain it - without giving up on or sacrificing my natural curls.

I love the shape!

The back

This shows what it looks like from afar

Enter the Curly Girl (CG) method (stay tuned for more posts on this....) I'm still researching and learning all I can about this method but I'm excited. I'm excited to perfect my wash and go's -wearing my coils and curls out in all its glory - without dealing with tangling and a cacophony of SSKs while maintaining length. I will be posting more on this as I want to journal my journey on a weekly basis.

The two things I want to do is 1. research more into the CG method (I like these two videos by TheBlackRawFoodist and Mahoganycurls  and 2. try to figure out ingredients in conditioners that my hair likes and dislikes.

I know I'm not the only one out there who after many years of being natural still do not like how their hair turns out on a day to day basis. If you are out there, please let's talk and learn from each other. You do not have to BC or go CG but maybe this will be an opportunity to truly get a mastery over our gorgeous mops!


  1. thats huge to do another BC. This is the longest my hair has ever been in my life so I don't know if I could do it. Although I've never BC'd before.(I transitioned from a perm)

  2. Tianna, I know what you mean. I thought it was going to be way harder than it ended up being. You know you get to that point where it seems your hair is breaking off more than it's growing? Well, that was me. Already, it seems like my hair is growing so much faster but I know I'm just retaining length so much better since my ends are healthier. And I'm going to make sure not to mess up this set of hair.

  3. I'm mad at you!! Lol! No, seriously, I came looking for you because of the amazing retention you had with the twist pic you showed. You def could have kept going, but I also understand. You inspired me to stay with twists even though my hair is fine!

    1. I'm so sorry, but I know what you mean. I could have done it without cutting my hair. It's just that I really wanted to experience a new hair cut. I had my hair in braids and weaves when my hair was growing out that I really wanted to experience this length.


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