29 February, 2012

Wash and Gos and Single Strand Knots.


In my post yesterday, I talked about single strand knots (SSKs) as being one of the cons of doing the CG method. Oh boy, they nearly drove me crazy because it just felt as though they were multiplying by the 100's. I know this was not the case but it just felt that way.

After much research, I decided the best course of action is to leave and let be. I mean if I'm not playing in my hair, I won't feel it in the first place right? And I'm not talking ignorant oblivion. I'm talking... if I don't touch my hair as much, then the knot formation will be minimized. I just can't be bothered to stretch, twist-out, braid-out and whatever else that is said to help keep them at bay.

If I find that I need a trim/dusting 3 or 4 times a year, then I will do that and I'm sure I will still retain plenty of length. So, that's my determination and final argument...I will leave the knots be!

Are any of you lovelies experienceing knots when you're doing WnGs? If so, what are you doing about them?


  1. I watched those same you tubers and decided to give cg method another try. I feel I know more info on how to take care of my hair it would work if I was patient. I cut two inches of my hair prior to starting so that help with the ssk. I cut because hair dye job that really did no take was starting to effect my ends. Also I would add oil and honey to my ends I used with AO HSR when deep conditioning overnight. Sometimes I'll add Qhemets Biologics Amla and Heavy cream on first, a thin layer and focus on the ends and then use Tresseme Naturals or AO

    1. Yeah I love the CG method. I would say that definately having more information makes it easy or else you'll give up the very first week.


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