31 March, 2012

Baking Soda - Follow Up Review

I used AO Camilla Rose and a quarter sized amount of the AO gel

Let me start by saying that I still LOVE LOVE LOVE how this treatment made my hair even 3 days later, my curls are remaining defined past the first day of styling. But as we all know, we are constantly learning and adjusting. Hence I wanted to write real quick about what I will do differently the next time around:
  • My hair felt really rough to the touch the very next day after the treatment and it was evident to me that my cuticles were a tad too raised. 
    • I ended up doing an ACV rinse (1 cup water, 2tbsp ACV) the next day and it help close my up my cuticles enough but not too much. This pretty much resolved that issue.
    • I also did a DC treatment that was long overdue. This time around, the DC really moisturized my hair and it was such a difference from when I've DC'ed in the past.
That's it really. So, if your hair felt/feels a bit rough after doing the baking soda treatment, do an ACV rinse (just pour the mixture over your hair as a final rinse after washing and conditioning) and do a DC and that should resolve that. I plan to do this treatment again in a few months and this time around, I will use this mixture by Elle.

Pictures of my hair today below:

 Without Flash

 With Flash


29 March, 2012

Natural Hair WOOT WOOT Moments.

So, I currently live in a small town in the Midwest while I finish up nursing school so you would think that sporting ladies with natural hair will be a rare occurrence, well think again. Yesterday on the clinical floor at the hospital, there were three black ladies (nurse and nurses-to-be) and get this, ALL three of us had natural hair....how random is that? And I mean we are probably the only black girls working in the WHOLE hospital.

Oh and I went to our local Target yesterday to pick up something and I of course went by the product aisle and guess what I saw? Shea Moisture and Curls products. Why is this significant you ask, because once again, up until last week or so, there were only relaxers and Dr. Miracles and stuff like that on "our section" of the store. I had written the store manager a note sometime last year suggesting that since all the other Target stores carried these products, they might consider carrying them. Now, I don't have a way to know whether I influenced it or not, but I am extremely pleased that they've made it available. And get this, they were out of almost all of the products with the exception of the shampoo. Tell me that's not worth a WOOT WOOT?!?!?

That's it, there is much joy in small victories...even if it's just hair :)


27 March, 2012

Baking Soda for Low porosity

My curl definition after the baking soda treatment
I had a major awakening today. After 4 years of being natural, my hair has never felt this good and I know I must not be the only one who hasn't figured out their hair completely either even after many years of being natural. So, I hope this helps someone else. I've written a couple of posts on low porosity in the past couple of days and what it means for your hair especially when doing the CG method or wearing only WNGs. Well, I followed the advice Elle of questfortheperfectcurl gave in her video that I posted yesterday about doing a baking soda treatment (she calls hers the Cherry Lola treatment). That particular treatment required a few ingredients that I didn't have readily available so I didn't to that (but I will in the future). The below is what I did though. A reader also left a comment with a link that mentioned baking soda at well (thanks Petitafro).

The stuff you need:
  • baking soda
  • water bottle
  • a styler of choice or conditioner
The steps:
  • I diluted about 2 tbsp of baking soda in about 2 cups of water ( I eyeballed it)
  • I first of all wet my hair in the shower using slightly warm water to encourage my cuticles to raise a little
  •  I followed that by saturating my hair with the baking soda mix (I used a spray bottle for ease of application)
  • I covered my hair with a shower cap and a knit hat and left the treatment in for about 20 minutes
  • when I took off the shower cap, can I tell you that my hair has NEVER been this soft in my life EVER?!?!?! It was amzeballs....so this is what it feels like for moisture to penetrate your strands?
  • anywhos...I washed off the baking soda really really well> I had initially thought I might want to do an Acid Cider vinegar (ACV) rinse but I thought that might close my cuticles back down way too much.
  • and I proceeded to  apply Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream in sections and my curls were amazing and so well defined. I felt that for the first time, the cream was doing what it ought to have been doing from the get go
  • I took some pictures lol and rinse off some of the Jane Carter cream 'cuz lady here got too heavy-handed due to unabashed excitement haha :)

This is my hair wt with the Jane Carter. I got too zealous with the application :)
  •  I diffused it with the dryer for about 5 minutes as I was running late (yet I found time to take some more pictures smh)

Do you see that definition? Crazy right? My hair was still damp here

Yeah, hair care for me will never be the same. I mean, my hair hasn't been looking horrible it's just that I knew something was off. When I wet and condition my hair in the mornings, it feels great but I always have to rinse off almost all the conditioner otherwise, it would just sit on top of my hair and I would have to leave the house with white conditioner streaks. Well, since I usually get up about 15 minutes before I have to leave the house, that wasn't an option so I would just wash off most of the conditioner. My hair would feel great for the majority of the day but come evening, it would feel a little too parched.
My hair completely dry and the shine and definition are still crazy.

Basically, by introducing a product that is so alkaline like baking soda to my hair, I ensure that the cuticles are lifted ever so slightly to allow moisture into my hair shaft....and it worked, my hair feels so moisturized. I had been so focused on having all my products pH balanced (i.e. with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5) that I never for one minute thought that I probably ought to have been going the opposite direction. In case you are worried that this might be damaging to your hair, I say proceed with caution but I really don't think it will be because you might only need to do it a couple of times a year.

The morale of the story is listen to YOUR hair, not what others are telling you. When people say that when they apply product to their hair that all the product disappears into their hair, and that doesn't happen to yours, well listen to YOUR hair and try and figure out a way to fix it. 

So, is there anyone else out there who is willing to try baking soda?

26 March, 2012

A Great Video That Explains The Low Porosity Phenom

After doing my last post on porosity, I found this video by Elle of questfortheperfectcurl that describes EXACTLY what I experience with my hair. It is the awesomest video and it surprises me that it has taken me this long to figure this out. But we grow and we learn no?

If you are doing the CG method, this is particularly important if it seems that the conditioner is just sitting on top of your hair.

Please let me know what your experiences has been with this :)

24 March, 2012

Conversations With Fine Natural Hair Ladies: Michelle

Fabulous Michelle
Hello! And before I begin answering your questions I just want to say thank you for being a voice for fine haired naturals...AWESOME!

Your name and a little about yourself:
My name is Michelle but everyone calls me Mickee :) I have been natural (and loving it) for just over a year. I am a 23 year old health professional.
Why did you go natural?
I went natural on a whim. (No, seriously) I was watching a random YouTube video and the woman's husband had asked her to go natural and she did. She was a yearnatural and her hair was just gorgeous. That started a chain reaction of events which led to me transitioning. I originally planned to transition for a year but after 9 weeks I was done. I randomly decided to BC on 1/11/11. It was the best hair decision I’ve ever made.
How would you describe your hair in terms of density, strand thickness & porosity?
My hair is low/medium density, fine strands and normal/high porosity (the front of my hair is color treated). 

Please share a few of the general challenges you’ve contented with so far with your natural hair care routine?
My biggest battles have been balancing manipulation with protective styling. I like to look good so finding styles that will protect my strands without manipulating them while still being cute is a challenge for me. 
 What has been your challenges/rewards regarding styling and length retention?
As far as length retention I have had a few trimming issues here and there. My ends could be better but that has nothing to do with my fine strands and more to do with my chameleon-like ways and propensity to color my tresses :) Styling is not an issue for me because I do what works...I won’t ever have extra thick natural hair but I love what I DO have.

Do you have a fixed regimen? If so, what is it? If not, why not?
Yes, Sunday is Babs' day (yes, my hair has a name, Babs) On Sunday's we wash, DC, detangleand style for the week. I'm not a PJ. I stick to the products that work. I cowashor rinse on Wednesday theN restyle. I M&S (moisturize and seal) every day and that’s it, nothing special.
What are your thoughts on WNGs vs protective styling?
I personally like stretched up do's and twistout/braidout styles..WNG'swere good a few months back but at my current length I look like a poodle with a mullet lol
What is/are your long term goals regarding your hair care?
I'd like to remain natural and grow my hair out to a HEALTHY mid back length (MBL)
With regards to styling & length retention, what’s more important: “following the rules”, psychological satisfaction or “other”?
How I look for sure! Why have hair you can’t show off, play with and enjoy?
Despite all the challenges, what makes being natural worth it?
My hair is so fun; I’m literally the only natural I know, so I enjoy enlightening others.
Please share one styling/hair care tip that has been invaluable to you and ask the community to share special tips they’ve got
Deep conditioning on a regular basis has been my hair’s saving grace. I like to DC on dry hair with a plastic cap for a couple hours. It leaves hair shiny and soft and very easy to detangle (even though detangling is a breeze with my fine hair) What tips do you all have?

Thanks Mickee for being the first to submit a post. And what wonderful mastery you have over your hair. Any tips for Michelle? Anyone else wants to featured? Please find the instructions here.

Rethinking Porosity - High or Low which are you?

In the above video, I talk about the porosity of my hair.

It will be my 6th week since I began doing the CG method and I ran into a road block. Whenever I leave conditioner in my hair like I see others doing, the conditioner just stays on top off my hair and instead of drying clear, there is white residue left over. I thought maybe it was the conditioner I was using (Tressemme Naturals) so I switched over to the AO White Camilla. And while, the AO is much much better....in fact, really really good, I still couldn't get away with leaving that much conditioner in my hair without experiencing residue.

It made me realize that hair was simply not absorbing the conditioner, it literally just sits on top of my hair. This got me thinking about porosity and the several articles I had read about it. All the time I've been natural, because my hair never seemed to stay moisturized, I thought I had high porosity hair. Not only that, when I run my fingers up my hair shaft, there were "bumps" along the way which according to this article on CN is a sign of high porosity (i.e. the cuticles were raised and not laying flat).

Well, it made sense, not only based on that test but also based on the fact that it seemed many naturals had high porosity hair.The only thing is that my hair was telling me something else and if only I will listen...Christabel listen smh. I should have listened to my hair that is. It was indeed not staying moisturized but not for the reason I thought. It was dry because products were not penetrating my hair strands. It just sat on top of my hair until I washed it off. Coupled with the fact that I was not getting my hair wet frequently...I was left with dry tresses.

After getting my hair cut and doing the CG method consistently, my hair is no longer dry but I still couldn't leave that much conditioner in my hair without dealing with residue as I stated earlier. Which is why last night, I decided to do another porosity test. This time, I plucked a couple of strands of hair and cleaned them with a shampoo and then put it in a glass of water to see if it float or sink. The theory is that if it floats, your hair is low porosity and if it sinks, it is high porosity.

Well, boy oh boy, did my hair float...in fact it is still on top that cup of water as I am speaking to you (24 or so hours later). That result coupled with the physical evidence I observe(d), I have reached the conclusion that I have low porosity hair.

What does this mean for my hair care practices you ask? Well, when I get in the shower, I let warm water from the shower stream run through my hair for a few minutes. This enables my cuticles to be somewhat raised in preparation for the conditioner. I go ahead and apply conditioner which I let sit for a few more minutes. I then do a final rinse with lukewarm water. I rinse enough of the conditioner out so my hair is clear but I also leave enough in to aid in curl definition and moisture. That's it, I shake, shake and shake my hair some more for all my coils to fall into place and that's it...viola beautifully defined curls.

So, if you've always thought that your hair is high porosity, but your hair doesn't seem to absorb products (or conditioner if you are doing the CG method), try doing the "water test" and you might be surprised.

So ladies, on which side of the porosity scale do you lie?

17 March, 2012

Day 3 Hair - CG Method

It can be hard to get second day hair when doing the CG method because when you wake up in the morning, your hair is smashed to your scalp. But I managed to get three day hair using the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream and pineappling the very front of my hair. I did three pineapples 'cuz my hair is short. I saw Cassidy of Naturalselectionblog.com do it and I must say it worked pretty good. Check out the video :) ChiChi.

16 March, 2012

Turbans and African Head-Gears

My wedding day (my hubby knocked it off my head and I non-chalantly put it back on lol)
As a Nigerian, I have many traditional outfits that has a head gear component like the above during my wedding. I never cared much for it myself because I felt too "grown up" in them.That dosen't mean I won't wear one from time to time to weddings and such.
With the boo at an engagement party recently
If you can't tell, we like to match where I'm from :)

Turbans are kinda similar to Nigerian head gears. So today, when I was having a bad hair day, I thought why not wear a turban...check it out below :) This is a great tutorial by thegoodhairblog.

What do you guys think, yae or nae to turbans?

Baby Pictures and ...Bald Spots

I've been agonizing for a few weeks now over my "bald spots". I immediately chocked it up to flat twisting too tight or manipulating my edges too much. But I rethought that as I remembered these baby pictures of mine that basically showed the same "bald" pattern. I think the proof is in the pudding and I need to quit obsessing while still taking care of my hairline.
More adorable baby me :)
So what do you think? Is our hairline (or lack there of) a reflection what it was when we were kids?

15 March, 2012

Self Doubt - An Enemy to Progress

I just wanted to write a quick post of encouragement for all who like me never thought they could accomplish something (anything). I'm African (not to say that it matters in all situations) and I grew up in a single mom household where we kids each had to do something to contribute to the efficient running of the household. This meant that there was no time to dilly-dally or sleep-over or play sports in school. There simply wasn't anytime. Between my mom's business, and meals to be made (we took a home cooked meal to school each day of our lives right down to high school), and house chores and spiritual activities...there simply wasn't anytime to do any axillary things like participating in sports.

Why do I bring this up you ask? Not having been involved in any sports (apart from the occasional pick-up soccer or basketball) meant I grew up doubting no, seriously doubting my abilities when it came to physical strength and abilities. I had it in my mind that there is just no way I am athletic. This meant that when I started getting serious about getting fit, my self-doubt and negative self-talk always held me back from being like all those physically fit people I admired so much. So, after 15 minutes on the treadmill, I was DONE, just done.

Well fast forward to last summer when I told myself that I COULD DO IT. I could be one of those people who are physically fit. I put a plan together that would get me to running a full 30 minutes without stopping. I used the c25k program - great program (it was imperative that I start slow to avoid being discouraged), I bought a great pair of running shoes and I told myself each and everyday that I could do it.
Our First Race
Fast forward to last fall when I ran my first 5K and it felt GREAT!!! After that, the sky was the limit as far as I was concerned. So, without much hesitation, I signed up for the Indy half-marathon scheduled for this May. Today, I ran the farthest I've ever run 8 miles in 1hr 44 minutes. And you know what? those self-doubt murmurings wanted to surface their ugly head with things like "but that's a 13 minute mile...so slow", "you might as well walk it", and "others are doing 9 minute miles" Guess what, I shut it down real quick because I had achieved something noteworthy....I RAN 8 MILES!!!

Please banish those self-doubts, have a  goal and a plan and persevere in following that plan to achieve the goal 'cuz YOU CAN DO IT!


P.S.: I couldn't have done it without the support of my dear hubby so find that person who will be in your corner cheering you on no matter what...especially when the going gets hard 'cuz it will sometimes :)

12 March, 2012

Curly Girl Method - Week 4

My hair is retaining so much length :)
Hi all, I wanted to do a really quick post to recap my progress a month into the CG method. So here goes:
  • The good:
    • I still love my hair
    • Hair care is still super easy
    • Only 1 product needed for everything...awesome money saver!
    • I am retaining length at a more noticeable pace than I ever did ...I think (tell me what you think from the pictures)...everything you read out there tells you to say no to WNGs. Well, the "traditional" stuff did not work for me. I'm just saying...if you are constantly dissatisfied with your hair, this might be worth a try (I know believe me especially after 4 years of doing the same 'ole same 'ole)
  • The bad:
    • My hair felt a lot dryer this week and I think this might have been due to me swimming a lot. I had chlorinated water in my hair about 3-4 times a week
      • I remedied this by doing a "mud mask" with my Terressentials hair wash (it worked and my curls are back.
  • Take-aways:
    • When your hair is not feeling "right", try to remedy it...trust your instincts
    • When you deep condition over-night, your hair will feel a bit mushy in the morning so a protein treatment might be in order. I would really try not to DC overnight anymore.
...and that's it from me. Here are some pictures to show my progress:


What do you guys think? Might the CG method be something to try if you've tried the "traditional" method and STILL not retaining length?

The Beautiful MahoganyCurls is in the House !

I adore MahoganyCurls' hair and personality so I asked her for a feature and she graciously agreed. Many people wonder about the effectiveness of finger detangling. In the video below, she shows us how to do it stress-free. Enjoy :)


As you all know, I do not use combs or brushes on my hair. I finger detangle only. That is it. I have tried using a comb in the beginning of my hair journey out of curiosity and did not like it at all. I felt as if I was ripping my curls. (I used a wide tooth comb by the way- the Jilbre shower comb). That thing was tossed to the back of my cabinet. I only tried it for a day.

I love to use my fingers. I feel that my curls clump better and it also smooths my hair. The only time I will break out a comb is when I am roller setting my hair, and even when I use it for that, it makes me cringe. :D. I do not have a hard time finger detangling my hair because I make sure my hair is pretty coated with conditioner. Then I began to detangle it starting at the ends and working my way up to the roots. That is it.

Once I am done, I step out of the shower and allow my hair to air dry.

Tip: I always file my nails before I do this, to prevent the nail from snagging or pulling my hair.

08 March, 2012

Fine Natural Hair and Length Retention

The many comments on my post on BGLH reiterated to me what I've always suspected, there are MANY of us out there with hair that is low-density with/without fine strands. I just knew that I couldn't be the only one.
I had been natural for almost 4 years and I was still very frustrated with my hair. Protective styling was working well but every time, I took out my flat twists and try to wear my hair down, I never liked the way it looked. My flat twist outs were decent but very unpredictable. I hadn't gained a mastery over products my hair liked or disliked. I really just didn't know my hair.

I had spent the almost 4 years of being natural trying out everything I read on blogs or saw on YouTube. I was not taking note of what my hair did not like. If I read a rave review of a product and I try it and it didn't work out, I would blame it on my hair rather than the product.

Anecdote: Do you know that I tried to love Giovanni Smooth as Silk so much that I used it for close to a year when my hair OBVIOUSLY HATED it. I just kept wanting it to work because it worked on EVEYONE else! SMH!

The reason why I'm relating this is that when I did finally start documenting and listening to my hair, I came to the realization that with the shrinkage I get from WNGs, my hair looked amazing. It appeared thicker and fuller . I know that not eveyone loves shrinkage and it makes our hair appear shorter than it is. But for my low-density hair,shrinkage was a life-saver so I decided to utilize it as much as I could.

Fast forward to last month when I went in for my cut. I wanted to re-experience my hair, I wanted to wear WNGs on a full-time basis. I started researching and read up on the CG method. I saw the likes of MahoganyCurls and Cythiarf and Naturalselection and Questfortheperfectcurl. I saw how they retained length with WNGs and I wanted that too.
My hair today
Hence my current journey. I know most of us want length and if you are like me who never had hair past shoulder length, it almost becomes an obsession. But sometimes, not doing too much is just what is needed.
My hair when I was relaxed
The key thing with retaining length when you have fine strands is low-manipulation and gentle handling. Protective styling is good for that but not necessary. As long as you are detangling gently (sans comb even) and not touching your hair so much, you will be fine.

With WNGs, I don't have to twist my hair or braid it ever so I don't stress my hair a lot. I envision my hair thriving more than ever doing this. AND I get to enjoy the curls I have naturally :)  We'll see how it goes no?

Can you relate to doing too much in order to retain length and that proving counter-productive? Please share :)

07 March, 2012

Woohoo!! I got featured on BGLH.com!

This is my third feature ever, please check it out and share any tips and tricks you have for handling fine, not-so-dense natural hair.


As you all know, I cut my hair and no longer do flat twists but for anyone who is looking to grow out their hair by way of protective styling, I think you will find this article helpful. I know not everyone wants to wear a WnG all the time. you see, options abound people...

Till Later,

05 March, 2012

Day 3 of Juicing

My breakfast this morning. Kale, Celery, Apples, Lemon, Ginger, Cucumber, Carrots= yum :)
It is the third day since I purchased a juicer with the intention of incorporating juicing into my diet. Well, I must say that it has been great because I knew that in order for it to be successful, it had to fit into my lifestyle.

What I do now is just have a glass a juice for breakfast and then eat a regular (portion-controlled) lunch and dinner. This way, I'm still getting in my freggies  without compromising my sanity. Maybe one day, I will do a full blown fast, but for now, this works. And guess what, the recipes are not half bad (even the ones with kale and stuff).

What do you think? Do you have to do a "juice fast" in order to get the benefits of juicing?

Curly Girl Method Week 3

Second Day hair
I'm still doing the CG method and I'm still loving it. It's the start of week 4 and my hair care has never been this easy EVER! My curls are ultra defined....there are few spots in my crown area that are frizzier than the rest that I have to remember to add more conditioner to but other than that, I love it. I'm also getting second day hair...well I still have to wet it in the shower but I just add a dollop of conditioner to my whole head of hair instead of adding conditioner section by section. The result is a quasi-defined WnG which I still love.

Regarding products, I really haven't changed anything. I still love the AO White Camilia conditioner. That's what I still leave in. I dabbled into gels and my hair does not like gels. I bought the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream and it did absolutely nothing for my curls. So, it is going back to sender because it was like 30 bucks umm...no bueno! I've also been swimming quite a bit so I will write a post on hair care while swimming.

I took the plunge and ordered two book today as I want to have a hard copy reference for when my hair starts growing out. The first book is the Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey and the second is Curly Like Me: How to Grow Your Hair Healthy, Long, and Strong (that's a mouthful) by Teri LaFlesh. I think they will be really good resources to make sure I have something to refer to when my hair starts getting longer and potentially harder to manage.

I think that's it for now. Until later....<3 from me. Has anyone been doing the CG method? How has it been like for you?

02 March, 2012

Juicing for Better Health

Juicing...what is that you might ask? Well, it is the process of extracting the juices from vegetables or fruits. So, basically the idea is,  you end up consuming an extraordinary amount of fruits, vegetables and the micro nutrients there-in.

I've run across articles that criticize doing this as you are consuming a lot of sugars from the fruits you juice. The other argument is that there is no medical benefit to depriving your self of fats and protein.

Here's my thing, I approach most things with a lot of common sense and a dose of scientific research. I'm not going to  bore you with the results of my research but I will advice you to look into it, consult with your doctor and see if it makes sense for you in your life.

excerpt from webmd.com
"Juicing as an extreme weight loss measure is a fad diet. You can't stick to it for long -- and you shouldn't.
On a juice-only diet, you may not get enough fiber to make you full. And it's so limited that you may rebel.
“If you’re doing a juicing diet, you’ll be so tempted to eat something like a cake or donut because you’ve restricted yourself,” Barr says.
You may also not get enough protein. If you are trying to lose weight by only juicing, then you are putting yourself at risk to lose muscle mass. Research shows that adding protein is essential to preserve muscle mass during weight loss.
By the end of any extreme diet, your metabolism may have temporarily slowed down. Once you start eating a more normal diet, you’ll be prone to building fat cells, Villacorta says.
What about juicing as a way to detox or cleanse your body? “I haven’t seen any research or science paper to support that cleansing is happening from juicing,” Villacorta says.
Your liver and kidneys take care of that -- whether you're juicing or not."
And for me, it makes sense right now. It might not in the next 6 months or the next year or even tomorrow (I hope not that soon lol). But right now, I need a buffer system to get me from thinking about food all the time to just realizing that food while it may taste great is really just a fuel for the body. My happiness, whether I have a great time at an outing or not, should not be as a result of how much I ate or how many different dishes I got to sample.

My friend G has agreed to do this with me and for that I'm super stoked. Better believe that the hubby will not be doing it smh. He needs his food and I get it so I'm not going to "make" him do it with me.

Here is the plan:
  • at least 4 days of strictly juicing
  • I might start off by having a juice for breakfast for a couple of days
  • then progress to replacing two meals until I feel I'm able to do a whole day then proceed to at least 4 days of only juicing
Let's see how it goes what do you say? I love food and I'm still training for my half-marathon so let's see how this goes eh?

Some resources that I found helpful are:
Have you heard of juicing? Please share your thoughts on the practice.

01 March, 2012

Weightloss Update

Hi guys, I wanted to post an update since it's the beginning of March. You can't really notice a huge difference between January and February. That is because I really only lost 5lbs and I seem to have gained 2lbs back or it might be water weight since it's that time of the month. So anyways, at the beginning of March, my weight is 173lbs.

I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead....if you haven't seen it, you totally should. After watching it, I was inspired to incorporate juicing in some fashion into my diet. I don't know where to start yet since I'm still researching but I'm really excited about it.

Also, I started swimming. Well, I am taking swimming lessons and so far, so good. I love it, it makes me feel great and sore and I love it. I have also been keeping up with my half-marathon training. So, on the exercising front, I'm doing good but the eating is still not perfect. I think about food too much, I constantly want to eat something or the other. This is especially the case on the weekends when I'm not as busy.
In the past, I've gotten to a point where I'm happy eating only healthy things and limiting my alcohol intake and I need to get back there. I know the goal is not perfection but I do want consistency. So, here's to hoping that juicing will help me get over this hump which is obsession over food.
Goals for March:
  • 1lb weight loss/week
  • Start juicing
  • Keep up with my half-marathon training 
That's it for me, how is everyone else doing? Struggles? Pointers? Well, share!