12 March, 2012

The Beautiful MahoganyCurls is in the House !

I adore MahoganyCurls' hair and personality so I asked her for a feature and she graciously agreed. Many people wonder about the effectiveness of finger detangling. In the video below, she shows us how to do it stress-free. Enjoy :)


As you all know, I do not use combs or brushes on my hair. I finger detangle only. That is it. I have tried using a comb in the beginning of my hair journey out of curiosity and did not like it at all. I felt as if I was ripping my curls. (I used a wide tooth comb by the way- the Jilbre shower comb). That thing was tossed to the back of my cabinet. I only tried it for a day.

I love to use my fingers. I feel that my curls clump better and it also smooths my hair. The only time I will break out a comb is when I am roller setting my hair, and even when I use it for that, it makes me cringe. :D. I do not have a hard time finger detangling my hair because I make sure my hair is pretty coated with conditioner. Then I began to detangle it starting at the ends and working my way up to the roots. That is it.

Once I am done, I step out of the shower and allow my hair to air dry.

Tip: I always file my nails before I do this, to prevent the nail from snagging or pulling my hair.

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