24 March, 2012

Conversations With Fine Natural Hair Ladies: Michelle

Fabulous Michelle
Hello! And before I begin answering your questions I just want to say thank you for being a voice for fine haired naturals...AWESOME!

Your name and a little about yourself:
My name is Michelle but everyone calls me Mickee :) I have been natural (and loving it) for just over a year. I am a 23 year old health professional.
Why did you go natural?
I went natural on a whim. (No, seriously) I was watching a random YouTube video and the woman's husband had asked her to go natural and she did. She was a yearnatural and her hair was just gorgeous. That started a chain reaction of events which led to me transitioning. I originally planned to transition for a year but after 9 weeks I was done. I randomly decided to BC on 1/11/11. It was the best hair decision I’ve ever made.
How would you describe your hair in terms of density, strand thickness & porosity?
My hair is low/medium density, fine strands and normal/high porosity (the front of my hair is color treated). 

Please share a few of the general challenges you’ve contented with so far with your natural hair care routine?
My biggest battles have been balancing manipulation with protective styling. I like to look good so finding styles that will protect my strands without manipulating them while still being cute is a challenge for me. 
 What has been your challenges/rewards regarding styling and length retention?
As far as length retention I have had a few trimming issues here and there. My ends could be better but that has nothing to do with my fine strands and more to do with my chameleon-like ways and propensity to color my tresses :) Styling is not an issue for me because I do what works...I won’t ever have extra thick natural hair but I love what I DO have.

Do you have a fixed regimen? If so, what is it? If not, why not?
Yes, Sunday is Babs' day (yes, my hair has a name, Babs) On Sunday's we wash, DC, detangleand style for the week. I'm not a PJ. I stick to the products that work. I cowashor rinse on Wednesday theN restyle. I M&S (moisturize and seal) every day and that’s it, nothing special.
What are your thoughts on WNGs vs protective styling?
I personally like stretched up do's and twistout/braidout styles..WNG'swere good a few months back but at my current length I look like a poodle with a mullet lol
What is/are your long term goals regarding your hair care?
I'd like to remain natural and grow my hair out to a HEALTHY mid back length (MBL)
With regards to styling & length retention, what’s more important: “following the rules”, psychological satisfaction or “other”?
How I look for sure! Why have hair you can’t show off, play with and enjoy?
Despite all the challenges, what makes being natural worth it?
My hair is so fun; I’m literally the only natural I know, so I enjoy enlightening others.
Please share one styling/hair care tip that has been invaluable to you and ask the community to share special tips they’ve got
Deep conditioning on a regular basis has been my hair’s saving grace. I like to DC on dry hair with a plastic cap for a couple hours. It leaves hair shiny and soft and very easy to detangle (even though detangling is a breeze with my fine hair) What tips do you all have?

Thanks Mickee for being the first to submit a post. And what wonderful mastery you have over your hair. Any tips for Michelle? Anyone else wants to featured? Please find the instructions here.


  1. Your hair is lovely!

  2. PLEASE does she have a blog? Its hard locating blogs of women with fine hair. You promised to respond to each and every comment, but so far no answer.

  3. I'm sorry, I've been so busy with school hence the late response. I don't think she has a blog but I will double check for you.

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