12 March, 2012

Curly Girl Method - Week 4

My hair is retaining so much length :)
Hi all, I wanted to do a really quick post to recap my progress a month into the CG method. So here goes:
  • The good:
    • I still love my hair
    • Hair care is still super easy
    • Only 1 product needed for everything...awesome money saver!
    • I am retaining length at a more noticeable pace than I ever did ...I think (tell me what you think from the pictures)...everything you read out there tells you to say no to WNGs. Well, the "traditional" stuff did not work for me. I'm just saying...if you are constantly dissatisfied with your hair, this might be worth a try (I know believe me especially after 4 years of doing the same 'ole same 'ole)
  • The bad:
    • My hair felt a lot dryer this week and I think this might have been due to me swimming a lot. I had chlorinated water in my hair about 3-4 times a week
      • I remedied this by doing a "mud mask" with my Terressentials hair wash (it worked and my curls are back.
  • Take-aways:
    • When your hair is not feeling "right", try to remedy it...trust your instincts
    • When you deep condition over-night, your hair will feel a bit mushy in the morning so a protein treatment might be in order. I would really try not to DC overnight anymore.
...and that's it from me. Here are some pictures to show my progress:


What do you guys think? Might the CG method be something to try if you've tried the "traditional" method and STILL not retaining length?


  1. I do Wash n Gos and they do help me to retain length.

  2. I'm waiting for the weather to break before I can try this...

  3. when I first went natural that was all I did ( before I knew "better) and experienced the most noticeable growth then. I will be going back to the WNG when I get my moisture issues under control. Mahogany curls was the first one who confirmed my suspicions about this and I did a post on it.

    1. I feel the exact same way. I do realize and accept that I might retain more length if my hair was in a PS more often than not. But as I was saying to a friend the other day, the ease I have now when it comes to handling my hair is way more important to me. And I still retaina decent amount of length.

  4. Hey CC, your curls look amazing, was your hair this curly before the CG method? I just started the CG method but currently I don't have access to variety of products coz they are hardly available in Kenya, am only using the Suave Naturals which is con-free and works well for me plus the pink Eco-style gel. Though my curls are popping up without using the gel I prefer not to use gel as it makes my hair crunchy! I have used this method for just three days and already my hair feels amazingly soft as never before. I would like some advice though if you don't mind. THANKS FOR YOUR NICE TIPS AND PICTURES.


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