08 March, 2012

Fine Natural Hair and Length Retention

The many comments on my post on BGLH reiterated to me what I've always suspected, there are MANY of us out there with hair that is low-density with/without fine strands. I just knew that I couldn't be the only one.
I had been natural for almost 4 years and I was still very frustrated with my hair. Protective styling was working well but every time, I took out my flat twists and try to wear my hair down, I never liked the way it looked. My flat twist outs were decent but very unpredictable. I hadn't gained a mastery over products my hair liked or disliked. I really just didn't know my hair.

I had spent the almost 4 years of being natural trying out everything I read on blogs or saw on YouTube. I was not taking note of what my hair did not like. If I read a rave review of a product and I try it and it didn't work out, I would blame it on my hair rather than the product.

Anecdote: Do you know that I tried to love Giovanni Smooth as Silk so much that I used it for close to a year when my hair OBVIOUSLY HATED it. I just kept wanting it to work because it worked on EVEYONE else! SMH!

The reason why I'm relating this is that when I did finally start documenting and listening to my hair, I came to the realization that with the shrinkage I get from WNGs, my hair looked amazing. It appeared thicker and fuller . I know that not eveyone loves shrinkage and it makes our hair appear shorter than it is. But for my low-density hair,shrinkage was a life-saver so I decided to utilize it as much as I could.

Fast forward to last month when I went in for my cut. I wanted to re-experience my hair, I wanted to wear WNGs on a full-time basis. I started researching and read up on the CG method. I saw the likes of MahoganyCurls and Cythiarf and Naturalselection and Questfortheperfectcurl. I saw how they retained length with WNGs and I wanted that too.
My hair today
Hence my current journey. I know most of us want length and if you are like me who never had hair past shoulder length, it almost becomes an obsession. But sometimes, not doing too much is just what is needed.
My hair when I was relaxed
The key thing with retaining length when you have fine strands is low-manipulation and gentle handling. Protective styling is good for that but not necessary. As long as you are detangling gently (sans comb even) and not touching your hair so much, you will be fine.

With WNGs, I don't have to twist my hair or braid it ever so I don't stress my hair a lot. I envision my hair thriving more than ever doing this. AND I get to enjoy the curls I have naturally :)  We'll see how it goes no?

Can you relate to doing too much in order to retain length and that proving counter-productive? Please share :)


  1. I too am a fellow fine haired natural. And at first I was using too much product to try and get my hair to perform the way that I "wanted". I know see that my hair performs much better and looks fuller when I limit the amount of styling product that I use. Aneet trick that I learned from a you tube is to part the hair in four sections then starting from the back part on an diagonal angle instead of straight accross (using my fingers only) . This allows the twists to fall into the parts while covering them

    1. Thanks for sharing CessCurls. I see how parting that way will make it appear fuller.

  2. Replies
    1. It's Wash and go...where you don't try to elongate your curls with twists or braids. You wear your hair in it's natural curl pattern. HTH :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, I too have fine hair (4c though I hair that hair typing thing and close to bra strap length) though I have plenty of it which means I can spend weeks not seeing my own scalp because there is hair everywhere.
    The only problem is my twists are always sooooo anorexic... while my blowouts are huge ! Crazy hair. I have to accept that twistouts are definitely not for me.
    As for your hair, though it does seem low density, it is actually quite thick and your twist are nothing to be ashamed of. Much thicker than mine!
    Your wng is very nice.

    Thanks for your blog !

    Annymous, from France.

  4. Thanks dear and I'm glad you enjoy the blog

  5. My hair is 5 inches in some places and 4 inches in others. I just put y hair in kinky twist 2 weeks ago i plan on keeping it for 3 months. This is the only way my hair retains length. My frustration SEEMS TO BE SLOW hair growth the first month my hair gets a boost in length by month 2 and thee it stays the same! Very confusing


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