29 March, 2012

Natural Hair WOOT WOOT Moments.

So, I currently live in a small town in the Midwest while I finish up nursing school so you would think that sporting ladies with natural hair will be a rare occurrence, well think again. Yesterday on the clinical floor at the hospital, there were three black ladies (nurse and nurses-to-be) and get this, ALL three of us had natural hair....how random is that? And I mean we are probably the only black girls working in the WHOLE hospital.

Oh and I went to our local Target yesterday to pick up something and I of course went by the product aisle and guess what I saw? Shea Moisture and Curls products. Why is this significant you ask, because once again, up until last week or so, there were only relaxers and Dr. Miracles and stuff like that on "our section" of the store. I had written the store manager a note sometime last year suggesting that since all the other Target stores carried these products, they might consider carrying them. Now, I don't have a way to know whether I influenced it or not, but I am extremely pleased that they've made it available. And get this, they were out of almost all of the products with the exception of the shampoo. Tell me that's not worth a WOOT WOOT?!?!?

That's it, there is much joy in small victories...even if it's just hair :)



  1. Christabel, that is awesome! I live in a small southern town and we hardly have products for natural hair. I have to go to Little Rock for oils and certain products. We don't have a Target. I think I will write to the local Wal-Mart store manager. It won't hurt to try.

    1. Don't you just hate that? I say write...it sure won't hurt


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