15 March, 2012

Self Doubt - An Enemy to Progress

I just wanted to write a quick post of encouragement for all who like me never thought they could accomplish something (anything). I'm African (not to say that it matters in all situations) and I grew up in a single mom household where we kids each had to do something to contribute to the efficient running of the household. This meant that there was no time to dilly-dally or sleep-over or play sports in school. There simply wasn't anytime. Between my mom's business, and meals to be made (we took a home cooked meal to school each day of our lives right down to high school), and house chores and spiritual activities...there simply wasn't anytime to do any axillary things like participating in sports.

Why do I bring this up you ask? Not having been involved in any sports (apart from the occasional pick-up soccer or basketball) meant I grew up doubting no, seriously doubting my abilities when it came to physical strength and abilities. I had it in my mind that there is just no way I am athletic. This meant that when I started getting serious about getting fit, my self-doubt and negative self-talk always held me back from being like all those physically fit people I admired so much. So, after 15 minutes on the treadmill, I was DONE, just done.

Well fast forward to last summer when I told myself that I COULD DO IT. I could be one of those people who are physically fit. I put a plan together that would get me to running a full 30 minutes without stopping. I used the c25k program - great program (it was imperative that I start slow to avoid being discouraged), I bought a great pair of running shoes and I told myself each and everyday that I could do it.
Our First Race
Fast forward to last fall when I ran my first 5K and it felt GREAT!!! After that, the sky was the limit as far as I was concerned. So, without much hesitation, I signed up for the Indy half-marathon scheduled for this May. Today, I ran the farthest I've ever run 8 miles in 1hr 44 minutes. And you know what? those self-doubt murmurings wanted to surface their ugly head with things like "but that's a 13 minute mile...so slow", "you might as well walk it", and "others are doing 9 minute miles" Guess what, I shut it down real quick because I had achieved something noteworthy....I RAN 8 MILES!!!

Please banish those self-doubts, have a  goal and a plan and persevere in following that plan to achieve the goal 'cuz YOU CAN DO IT!


P.S.: I couldn't have done it without the support of my dear hubby so find that person who will be in your corner cheering you on no matter what...especially when the going gets hard 'cuz it will sometimes :)

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