25 April, 2012

New Blog Look

I don't know if y'all noticed but I revamped the blog. I wanted something more streamlined as well as easy to navigate. You like? Well let me know below :)

My Exciting 'Curlformers' Knock Off Haul From...China

I've been dying to try curlformers for the longest time now but I could never get behind the cost of it being a student and all. So, when I heard about Magic Leverage, the knock off eBay curlformers, I was on it! The first time I ordered it, it was shipped to my old address (5 years old) so I never got it...was my fault. But I went ahead and reordered it about 2 weeks ago (April 11th) and it's here (April 25th) and I can't wait to try them. Shipping was $31.43 since it is international but I think it was a good price (compared to Terressentails at least, smh at that).

They are 99 cents a pack so of course I bought 7 packs of it...I prolly should have gotten at least 10 but oh well, I'm sure these will be enough with my not so short hair. Also, they are pretty short so if you have a TWA, they should work well but otherwise, you might still have to shell out the 60 or so bucks for longer curlformers. But as for me, this works great! Let';s get to the dets then:

There are 18 pieces in random colors. 9 of them are longer and 9 are short.

You can see the details and the length in these two pictures.

The hooky thing that hooks to your hair comes in tow pieces that connect to make it longer.

The opening of the curler through which the hook goes in

I'm excited to put it to use...soon :)

That's it ladies, if you've wanted to try Curlformers but the price was prohibitive, I saw Magic Leverag is the way to go!

23 April, 2012

Review of Let's Jam Curling Custard on Low Porosity Hair

After seeing the wonderful results that mahogancycurls got from the Let's Jam Curling Custard, I thought I will give it a try. As always, my low-po situation came to haunt me. Anywhos, even with the residue I had initially (which I managed to get rid of), I love the product. It has glycerin and it always makes my hair a little bit sticky to the touch so I'm curious to see how it lasts through out the day into tomorrow.

Enjoy the video ladies and let me know if anyone has found a better way of applying products that just wanna sit on top of your. Please and thanks :)

20 April, 2012

The (long) Journey To a Cut and Color

Aren't those highlights just so adorable? and the cut?  Hmmmm...I just love it:) Now, the long story of the journey to it.

So, I get bored easily, I get bored really really easily. So, it was one of those bored-ly nights last night. It was just after dinner and the hubby had left for school, so feeling a bit out of sorts, I took the shears to my hair. I cut off quite a bit of hair because I underestimated how important it is to see the back of your hair clearly if you are aiming to get an even cut. Well, an even cut I did not get.

Yup, I cut quite a bit of hair off...who does that?
After realizing what a mess I had made, I prepared myself to go get a proper cut from a salon. To prep for the salon visit, I decided to blow out my hair since I wasn't sure if the salon could cut curly hair and I didn't want them to rip what was left of my hair off.

You see how uneven it was?
So, I blow dried and followed suit with a flat iron set at 300 degrees since I didn't really want it bone straight. After straightening it, I put my hair into 5 flat twists to go to bed.

When I woke up in the morning, I unraveled the twists and headed off to the salon.

So, I get to the salon and the stylist does not want to cut my hair straight since I do not wear it straight so she shampooed (I haven't used a shampoo in months so it was weird) in readiness for the color and cut. Hmmmm color I say huh?

Well, I've been toying with the idea of getting some highlights ever since Cassidy over at naturalselectionblog got hers done. So I thought, what the heck, might as well go for it and that I did.

We settled on the two colors I wanted...a red and coppery color and then we talked about the shape I wanted. I took a zillion pictures on my nook to show her. I knew I wanted a pixie cut. It's easy to see how that looks straight but I wasn't sure if the stylist could picture it curly so I took some pictures of MckenzieRenae who has an amazing blog and an amazing cut.

When all has been said and done, I LOVE the results and couldn't have asked for anything more :) Enjoy the pictures below. I will take more pictures of course as the weeks go by to chronicle how it is coming along.
 It was really shrunken in the picture above but you can see that it is longer up top than the sides 

 The back is cropped pretty short too but I love how curly it is. 

So, what do you ladies think? Love or hate it? Will you do it?

16 April, 2012

To Comb or Not To Comb?

To comb or not to comb is the great debate. I personally have been finger combing for the past 2 to 3 months and I love it, my fine hair loves it and my drain loves it (less broken hair clogging it).

All that having been said, I picked up a wide-tooth comb yesterday after I thoroughly finger detangled. Why you ask, if I love finger detangling as much as I claim to? Well, I figured since my hair was already detangled, combing through it won't really wreck any damage i.e. it won't pull my hair out.

I am glad I did because I learned a couple of things. The first thing I learned is that finger detangling does not get rid of ALL the shed hair. I looked at the hair that came out and they all had white bulbs so I know they were shed hair and not breakage. Removing all the shed hair means there is less risk of matting and serious tangling. The second thing I learned is that it feels good to comb your hair. I don't know if it's just me but I must say that having the teeth of that comb graze my scalp felt GOOD lol.

So, will I comb frequently? No, finger detangling works for me but I will pick up the dreaded comb once every month or so.

So, my fellow curlies to comb or not to comb?

Workout for Only 12 minutes a Day - HIIT.

I've been doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and I found this neat graphic that explains what it is for all those who wonder how anyone can get fit working out for only 12 minutes a day.

More Health and Fitness

12 April, 2012

Losing Weight The Right Way

180 pounds to 170 pounds
Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle the right way can be very hard emotionally because you are not loosing a lot of weight fast. The reason for this is that I haven't abolished carbs or fats or anything except processed and fast food. This means that I allow myself to eat when I go out with friends, I eat with my husband (which might mean pizza or beer or both lol) because he loves that.

Since that is the case, even though I've lost a total of 20 pounds from the beginning of my journey, I've only lost 10 pounds since November (the picture above is me at 180 pounds in November to 170 lbs in March). That is way below my goal of 1.5lbs loss a week. But I've come to accept and love that because I'm loosing slowly,  I probably won't be the in the 95% bracket who gain their weight back. I know I will not gain any of those 20lbs back because I am doing it slowly and steadily.

Also, looking for other sources besides the scale to show progress is very important. I've gone down to a size 8 size 6 from a size 12 and 10. Those are the things that matter the most especially when the scale is not moving. In addition to that, I can rum 10 miles NONSTOP to barely running 15 minutes without stopping. I say that is progress no?

However, as we always have to seek ways to do better, I know there is room for improvement. I have to get to a point where overeating is never an option, where I loose the mentality that "life is short so I might as well enjoy myself." So this is what I plan to do in the next month:
  • I will eat cleanly 80% of the time. i.e. no fast foods, cook EVERY single thing I put in my mouth, ask myself each time I reach for something whether I'm hungry or just bored.
  • I will commit to working out at least 6 days out of 7. Running will be my cardio of choice.
  • I will up my weight training game because I adore muscles. I plan to do mostly HIIT by following the following on YouTube (stronglikesusan, zuzkalight, bodyrocktv.com)
Those are the three things I'm focusing on this month and they are measurable, and achievable with a little wiggle room. I will continue to loose weight and transform my body because it makes me happy :)

Please share tips and tricks you've used to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the comments below.

10 April, 2012

Naked....Hair that is :)

School is almost over...just 3 more weeks and we will be packing up and moving on. But in the meantime, my hair is acting pretty "normal" and is looking awesome...even naked lol. The pictures are below to prove that using all natural products and taking good care of your hair supersedes all the hype about what the "right" way to do things are. It is definitely curlier with conditioner in but I love it without products too. I could stand to be a little gentler when handling my hair but it is a work in progress...what isn't right?

So ladies chime in. What has the best thing you've done for your hair?

06 April, 2012

A Puff alas...

After cutting my hair and wearing WNGs exclusively, I have to admit there was a little bit of me that was a bit wary as to whether I would ever manage to retain length. I mean I've been enjoying my hair so much...my coils, the shape of the cut so there is no way I would retain length right? Wrong! I was able to put my hair into a puff last night even though the back which was cut so short.

 Here are the pics:

We went to an event last night and it was really dress uppy so I wanted to do something "slick' with my hair. So I slicked it up with some gel. I have tried the eco styler olive oil gel and I always hated it but I really didn't want to waste it so I kept it for the occasional stuff you do with gels. So, anywho, I finally ran out of it so I let myself get the clear one from Sally's yesterday and I loved it.

 All I did was do my regular WNG routine leaving the conditioner in as usual and I used the gel to slick back the sides and then used a really really really soft boar bristle brush (my edges cannot handle this on the regular) and brushed the back and sides up. I then used a goody elastic band and put my hair into a puff but I left the front section out for a bang look. That's all I did and I loved the results.

 The above is second day hair. At night, all I did was remove the elastic band and slept on my satin pillow case. I tied it down with a scarf but that came off in the middle of the night. I woke up this morning, spritzed my hair with some water and added a little more gel to the sides and it is still awesome!

This is the back today. Yay!!

This is the back about a month ago

So, what's the verdict guys...can hair retain length even with WNGs? Especially if you are being ultra careful while detangling and using only your fingers?  I say so!

Later beauties :)