06 April, 2012

A Puff alas...

After cutting my hair and wearing WNGs exclusively, I have to admit there was a little bit of me that was a bit wary as to whether I would ever manage to retain length. I mean I've been enjoying my hair so much...my coils, the shape of the cut so there is no way I would retain length right? Wrong! I was able to put my hair into a puff last night even though the back which was cut so short.

 Here are the pics:

We went to an event last night and it was really dress uppy so I wanted to do something "slick' with my hair. So I slicked it up with some gel. I have tried the eco styler olive oil gel and I always hated it but I really didn't want to waste it so I kept it for the occasional stuff you do with gels. So, anywho, I finally ran out of it so I let myself get the clear one from Sally's yesterday and I loved it.

 All I did was do my regular WNG routine leaving the conditioner in as usual and I used the gel to slick back the sides and then used a really really really soft boar bristle brush (my edges cannot handle this on the regular) and brushed the back and sides up. I then used a goody elastic band and put my hair into a puff but I left the front section out for a bang look. That's all I did and I loved the results.

 The above is second day hair. At night, all I did was remove the elastic band and slept on my satin pillow case. I tied it down with a scarf but that came off in the middle of the night. I woke up this morning, spritzed my hair with some water and added a little more gel to the sides and it is still awesome!

This is the back today. Yay!!

This is the back about a month ago

So, what's the verdict guys...can hair retain length even with WNGs? Especially if you are being ultra careful while detangling and using only your fingers?  I say so!

Later beauties :)


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