16 April, 2012

To Comb or Not To Comb?

To comb or not to comb is the great debate. I personally have been finger combing for the past 2 to 3 months and I love it, my fine hair loves it and my drain loves it (less broken hair clogging it).

All that having been said, I picked up a wide-tooth comb yesterday after I thoroughly finger detangled. Why you ask, if I love finger detangling as much as I claim to? Well, I figured since my hair was already detangled, combing through it won't really wreck any damage i.e. it won't pull my hair out.

I am glad I did because I learned a couple of things. The first thing I learned is that finger detangling does not get rid of ALL the shed hair. I looked at the hair that came out and they all had white bulbs so I know they were shed hair and not breakage. Removing all the shed hair means there is less risk of matting and serious tangling. The second thing I learned is that it feels good to comb your hair. I don't know if it's just me but I must say that having the teeth of that comb graze my scalp felt GOOD lol.

So, will I comb frequently? No, finger detangling works for me but I will pick up the dreaded comb once every month or so.

So, my fellow curlies to comb or not to comb?


  1. I love finger combing, however I do use a wide tooth comb onve a month when I clarify my hair.
    - discoveringnatural.blogspot.com

    1. And I think that's what I will be doing. Using a comb every so often as needed.


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