07 May, 2012

Roller Set Results

If you saw my post here, you know that I ordered knock off "curlformers" from China so when I had a fancy function to go to, I decided to try them out.

I started by wetting my hair with plain water and applying my Shea Butter mix to each section. I used small sections and set just the very top of my hair since it is tapered.

I went to bed and slept on my satin pillow case. The plan was to wake up in the morning, take down the rollers and spritz the sides and back of my hair to revitalize my curls.

Well, when I took off the rollers, the curls were shiny, defined and just gorgeous.

But, when I wet the sides, some of the moisture got on the curls and frizzed them up...sad face :(

Nevertheless, I decided to make the most of it. I separated the sections into smaller sections and fluffed. Since I was going to an all day event, I decided to hold the curls in place with hair spray (gasp...yeah I know but it worked). Everyone loved it and I got a lot of compliments with the frizz factor and all.

So, overall, it is a great styling tool that will get you stretched defined curls. If you have hair all over your head, then there will be no issue with moisture. The next time around, I will use a setting product with more hold and I will wait until after I shower to unravel them.

All in all, I love(d) it and I know that practice makes perfect so I'm sure my next set will be awesome!
Have you tried a Curlformers set? What are your tips and tricks?


  1. Looking good! I will have to get some of these when my hair is longer. I have to say though I am loving your outfit! Gorgeous!

  2. Chris, first, this new format didn't seem to have the "comment" option from the rolling front page, unless I missed that? I'd be worried that people would think they couldn't comment since it's not showing on the front page.

    Second, the curls came out so well!!!! Shiny and defined or frizzed a bit, it looks great!!! I can't wait for you to try it again and see what it looks like separated fresh out of the rollers!! So, the knock-offs worked well? No issues with snagging or defects??? Someone asked about them on my site, so I'm going to share the link to your post with them!!

    Three ... ummmm, where's my outfit? Graduation and half-marathon are over now. LOL!! JK!!! But, I still want it!!!! I LOVE IT!! Everytime I see you in this, I start drooling!! LOL!!

  3. Thanks Shelli for pointing out the comment feature change. It's still on there but less conspicious. I'll see how it fares in the coming weeks.

    Lol, a lot of things accomplished but we're moving so busy once more BUT will be letting ya know.

    Re snagging,I didn't experience it but as with any tool, caution has to be used. I do love naptural85's demo as well as thegoodhairblog's on how to install it. Taking extra care will ensure no snagging.

    Will be using it again soon and will film it this time around

  4. Thanks Francine for the kind words

  5. LOL!!! I realize where the comments button is now!!! I thought that was the date posted!!! LMBO!!! Okay coolio and all points! Thanks lady:)!!



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