29 May, 2012

"Green" Shampoo

Me, all Sudded (is that a word?) up
So, I'm staying at this "green" hotel and I was itching to wash my hair...not "cowash"...no, I wanted to do a proper wash because my hair was feeling "icky". Unfortunately since I haven't washed my hair with shampoo in a while, I didn't have any on me. So I thought, what the heck, I will use the hotel shampoo. Imagine my excitement when I saw that the shampoo was labeled "99% ecologically responsible" and "fully biodegradable". It means I get to wash my hair with a "gentle" shampoo. Ummm...not so much, it had SLS as the second ingredient. So, I just figured out that "green" pretty much refers to the environmentally conscious stuff and not neccessarily "Christabel'shairconscious".Yup, I've been schooled.

THE "green" shampoo in question
But anywhos, my hair definitely feels better after the wash and curls way better. Morale of the story is listen to your hair and if it feels some kinda way and products are not working as they should, it might be time to sud it up with a sulfate shampoo. This might be needed only once a month and believe me, your hair will thank you for it.

After Wash with DC in
P.S.: I moved to SF hence me not sticking to my self-imposed mon, wed, fri posting schedule but I'll get there...pinky promise. Aaand, I've been walking everywhere since our car is yet to come in and I'm loving it. This might just be the care-free way to stay in shape.

P.S.S.: Please forgive the picture quality as this was blogged from my phone hence phone pictures.

Till later,

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