22 May, 2012

Third Day Hair and Listening to Your Hair

 My Pineapples before bed last night 

My hair this morning
My hair this afternoon :)

What did I do you ask? Well same as I did the night before. I pineappled, went to bed, woke up and refreshed in the shower with the steam. However, this morning, I did not spritz with additional water or refresher spray and i STILL had uber moisturized hair. 

The key to maintaining and keeping it moisturized is sleeping in those pineapples and listening to your hair. If you feel like you need some moisture, go ahead and spray it with some water and seal with light oil. Instead of saying:
  "well my hair should stay moisturized for X number of days, so I'm not spritzing it this morning otherwise I'm admitting that I'm not moisturizing properly on day one"
 "my hair feels like it might need a little bit of something extra and I will spritz it lightly with water even if I have to do it every night or every morning and that's okay."
 I think that when we get stuck on what should be, we ignore our hair's needs and what actually is!

So ladies, go ahead and listen to you hair, it definitely took me 4 years of not listening to finally get it together.


  1. Yes! you are so right! Now that I am no longer afraid of water (lol), I am spritzing my hair every time it feels dry. Which is at least twice a day.

    You hair looks so good!

  2. Thanks Francine, I appreciate it and yeah once we start listening, we truly start learning and growing.


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