22 June, 2012

ECO Styler Gel: 6th Day Hair

So, I was going to do a blog post with just pictures but I thought it would be much easier to shoot a video showing you what my hair looks like. It's the 6th day since my WNG using the Eco Styler gel and it's wash day because the gel is flaking. This does not mean that the gel was drying to my hair. Rather, it is time to cowash my hair.  I will do a video soon showing my improved technique especially if yo have low porosity hair.



P.S.: I need to figure out how to get good thumbnails cuz some of these be looking cray cray smh. I am welcoming tips lol

19 June, 2012

ECO Styler and Low Porosity Hair - Success at Last

So, I finally got Eco Styler gel to work for me minus the heavy, dry, tacky feeling I get when I have used it in the past. All thanks to mahoganycurls and my experimentation, these are the key components to making it work for you too - especially if you have low porosity hair:
  • Damp hair
  • A good moisturizing leave in
  • Patience
  • A good "smoothing" technique
I will write more about this later but in the meantime, look at my third day hair (not the very best lighting but look at the definition!):

Fine-Haired Natural Ladies - Let's Talk


I want to first of all say thank you to all the fabulous ladies who replied to this entry. I just have one request to make before I start posting the entries. Could you please send pictures of you/your hair to chyscurlz@gmail.com. We all know how we love to look at pictures of fabulous natural hair especially since there are so few that show ladies like us who have fine hair. Once I get the pictures, I will match them to the submissions and start posting. Please identify in your email which post corresponds to your pictures. Thank you so much. Chichi. *
After my post on BGLH  about the struggles of being a 'fine-haired' natural, I realized that many of us have no platform to share and connect with each other. I designed the following conversation points to get us to engage with and encourage each other. Even though it's a series of questions, I really intend for it be a discussion amongst us...a place to share tips and tricks we've picked up along the way.

Please include as many pictures as you'd like - more is always better :) I will post entries as I receive them so please fill out the below (add additional entries as you see fit) and email your responses to chyscurlz@gmail.com. Thanks :)

~ Smooches

·         Your name and a little about yourself

·         Why did you go natural?

·         How would you describe your hair in terms of density, strand thickness & porosity

·         Please share a few of the general challenges you’ve contented with so far with your natural hair care routine?

·         What has been your challenges/rewards regarding styling and length retention?

·         Do you have a fixed regimen? If so, what is it? if not, why not

·         What are your thoughts on WNGs vs protective styling

·         What is/are your long term goals regarding your hair care?

·         With regards to styling & length retention, what’s more important: “following the rules”, psychological satisfaction or “other”?

·         Despite all the challenges, what makes being natural worth it?

·         Please share one styling/hair care tip that has been invaluable to you and ask the community to share special tips they’ve got.

Braids Braids Braids...NOT

So, I was cruising on the streets getting to know my new neighborhood and I ran across a beauty supply store (BSS) and I decided to venture in. Mind you, I've not been in one of these in forever so I had forgotten how overwhelming it can all be. Well, this particular store was HUGE and had a TON of options wherever I looked.

I thought let me try on wigs and so I did but they looked HORRIBLE on me so I moved on. I then got a light bulb moment to get braiding hair in order to install box braids. So, I chose my 100% kanekalon hair and proceeded to go home.

I got home and immediately got braiding...I even shot a short video to show you guys. 

 So 4 hours and aching arms later, I'm done and I HATE it! I didn't feel like myself. Mind you, I've been getting braids for my whole life and it would always be my go to style for when I want a break from my hair. But not anymore. Suffice it to say, I took the braids out first thing the next morning...another 2-3 hours wasted smh!

The Evidence (Click to expand)

I think this is mainly because I love my hair color and the shape and I also love my natural curl pattern. I don't get "tired" of it anymore. I love how simple my regimen is...no more hours upon hours of twisting and protecting and all that. That is not to say that this will not change...it might and in fact I expect it to. But in the meantime, I'm LOVING my hair like never before and it took the following things to get me there:
  • Wash and go's

  •  No longer pinning for long hair
  • My cut and color

Since  the above things happened, I've been in love with my hair. And I mean I feel like this everyday now. Bad hair days are few and far in between now and it took me 3.5 years to say that about my natural hair.

The morale of the story ladies, is not that getting a protective style or wearing twist outs or wanting length is bad. But rather, it might take something like a new cut and color to make you appreciate and love your hair.

So, if you are having more bad hair days than good, do something about it (regardless of what the "norm" or "acceptable" thing is) and ENJOY your hair! By all means do the basics that you know leads to "healthy" hair and in turn length retention, BUT enjoy your hair while doing it.

15 June, 2012

My TWA Puff...Sorta

So, I got my hair cut on the 20th of April and so in less than a week, it will be two months. Since then, I've been enjoying my cut and color thoroughly. I've also been enjoying doing WNGs exclusively...it is low manipulation (I think lower manipulation than when I was re-twisting my hair every night to preserve my twist outs), it is also truly the easiest hair care has ever been for me.

It doesn't mean that it's been perfect, but it's been better than it's ever been. Due to the aforementioned, my hair retention has also been the best it's ever been. Just 2 months later, I'm able to put my hair up in a sorta pseudo puff (the back of my hair still has a ways to go but it's getting there). Here, have a look...

What I did for the puff:
  • Wet my hair with plain ole water
  • Slicked back my old wash and go with a TON of eco styler gel lol (that is how I could get the shorter back to corporate)
  •  I used just my palms no brushes or combs and tied it back with a scarf and viola!

In other news, we found a place and will be moving in on the weekend so posting will be more regularly.

Till later curlies :)

11 June, 2012

Video Tutorial on How I refresh My Wash and Go

I thought I will do a video tutorial for those who are visual.

I styled my hair using the following:
  • Damp hair
  • Let's Jam Custard
  • Garnier Fructis Pure Gel (CG approved)
I went to bed with my hair in three pineapples and slept on my satin pillow case.

I refreshed with:
  • Water
  • Steam from the shower
  • Jane Carter Leave In
  • Used Eco Styler on my edges
I still have low porosity hair that still has an issue with absorbing product but styling on damp hair helps a lot but I still have to rinse out the residue conditioner. A reader suggested warming the conditioner before applying it. I head read it on somewhere too (have to find the link) so I will try that and report back on how/if it works.

Thanks ladies for reading as always :) And share other tips and tricks in the comments because we all learn from each other.

01 June, 2012

Oil Rinsing and an Anectdote

So a very good friend of mine T started doing the CG method when I did because I told her all this glorious story of the "easiest hair care has ever been", "your curls will be popping", "your hair will retain more moisture over time" so of course, she tried it and she loved it. That is, loved it except the little knots she got at the ends of her hair. When she told me about it initially, I thought she was talking about  single strand knots (SSK) so I said, ahhh it comes with the territory so "don't touch your hair too much and you wouldn't even know they are there...that is until you get your regular trim."
I thought that was the end of it, a crisis averted and she will continue doing the CG method. Yay me for my superwoman powers. Buuuutttt....that wasn't the end of it. Come to hear that "the knots are getting really bad Christabel and I don't think they are normal". That is when I had her show me exactly what she was talking about and indeed, they were not SSKs but rather tangles that move to the end of her hair and form balls. Knowing what I know about retention, I knew that we would have to find a solution if we were to see hair growth. And stretching her hair didn't do it. She still got the balls with twist outs. You see, her hair is even finer than mine and really soft so it was something she was prone to.

That is when I remembered this article I read on MopTopMaven's blog on incorporation oil rinsing into a regimen to help minimize knots and tangles. The article states in part
"If you have highly textured hair and you are looking for ways to help eliminate excess tangles and matting on wash day, try an oil rinse. Not only is oil rinsing great for cutting down [and in some cases eliminating] single strand knots, but it also helps replenish moisture lost from shampooing; leaving your hair soft, shiny and extremely manageable."
So, upon recommending it to T, she now does it religiously once a week and the knots/balls/tangle thingys are no more! How awesome is that? So, if you have an overabundance of SSKs or your hair is prone to tangling especially when wearing a WNG, by all means give oil rinsing a try.

The basic steps according to the article by moptopmaven are:
  • Shampoo your hair
  • Add about 1/4 cup of your favorite oil liberally throughout your hair
  • Leave in for about 2-3 minutes 
  • Rinse out thoroughly with warm water [don't use cool for this process, as the warm water ensures that all traces of oil are removed]
  • Condition hair as usual
She also gives oil recommendations based on your particular need.Here is a great article from Natural Hair Rules on preventing SSKs.

That's it curlies, until next time, stay tangle and knot free!