19 June, 2012

Braids Braids Braids...NOT

So, I was cruising on the streets getting to know my new neighborhood and I ran across a beauty supply store (BSS) and I decided to venture in. Mind you, I've not been in one of these in forever so I had forgotten how overwhelming it can all be. Well, this particular store was HUGE and had a TON of options wherever I looked.

I thought let me try on wigs and so I did but they looked HORRIBLE on me so I moved on. I then got a light bulb moment to get braiding hair in order to install box braids. So, I chose my 100% kanekalon hair and proceeded to go home.

I got home and immediately got braiding...I even shot a short video to show you guys. 

 So 4 hours and aching arms later, I'm done and I HATE it! I didn't feel like myself. Mind you, I've been getting braids for my whole life and it would always be my go to style for when I want a break from my hair. But not anymore. Suffice it to say, I took the braids out first thing the next morning...another 2-3 hours wasted smh!

The Evidence (Click to expand)

I think this is mainly because I love my hair color and the shape and I also love my natural curl pattern. I don't get "tired" of it anymore. I love how simple my regimen is...no more hours upon hours of twisting and protecting and all that. That is not to say that this will not change...it might and in fact I expect it to. But in the meantime, I'm LOVING my hair like never before and it took the following things to get me there:
  • Wash and go's

  •  No longer pinning for long hair
  • My cut and color

Since  the above things happened, I've been in love with my hair. And I mean I feel like this everyday now. Bad hair days are few and far in between now and it took me 3.5 years to say that about my natural hair.

The morale of the story ladies, is not that getting a protective style or wearing twist outs or wanting length is bad. But rather, it might take something like a new cut and color to make you appreciate and love your hair.

So, if you are having more bad hair days than good, do something about it (regardless of what the "norm" or "acceptable" thing is) and ENJOY your hair! By all means do the basics that you know leads to "healthy" hair and in turn length retention, BUT enjoy your hair while doing it.

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  1. Wow, you look beautiful with your new cut and color. Just goes to show, braids, long hair, straight hair is not for everyone!
    Your air looks fresh and fun, just in time for summer time. Love it!


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