22 June, 2012

ECO Styler Gel: 6th Day Hair

So, I was going to do a blog post with just pictures but I thought it would be much easier to shoot a video showing you what my hair looks like. It's the 6th day since my WNG using the Eco Styler gel and it's wash day because the gel is flaking. This does not mean that the gel was drying to my hair. Rather, it is time to cowash my hair.  I will do a video soon showing my improved technique especially if yo have low porosity hair.



P.S.: I need to figure out how to get good thumbnails cuz some of these be looking cray cray smh. I am welcoming tips lol


  1. hey GIrl girl just want to let u know it was a awesome Convention..didnt get to do pic but will still send some of my prev pic. a? how often can i do a cherry lola treatment.did one bck in May

  2. Hi thanks for the post. Your haircut is very flattering on you.


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