01 June, 2012

Oil Rinsing and an Anectdote

So a very good friend of mine T started doing the CG method when I did because I told her all this glorious story of the "easiest hair care has ever been", "your curls will be popping", "your hair will retain more moisture over time" so of course, she tried it and she loved it. That is, loved it except the little knots she got at the ends of her hair. When she told me about it initially, I thought she was talking about  single strand knots (SSK) so I said, ahhh it comes with the territory so "don't touch your hair too much and you wouldn't even know they are there...that is until you get your regular trim."
I thought that was the end of it, a crisis averted and she will continue doing the CG method. Yay me for my superwoman powers. Buuuutttt....that wasn't the end of it. Come to hear that "the knots are getting really bad Christabel and I don't think they are normal". That is when I had her show me exactly what she was talking about and indeed, they were not SSKs but rather tangles that move to the end of her hair and form balls. Knowing what I know about retention, I knew that we would have to find a solution if we were to see hair growth. And stretching her hair didn't do it. She still got the balls with twist outs. You see, her hair is even finer than mine and really soft so it was something she was prone to.

That is when I remembered this article I read on MopTopMaven's blog on incorporation oil rinsing into a regimen to help minimize knots and tangles. The article states in part
"If you have highly textured hair and you are looking for ways to help eliminate excess tangles and matting on wash day, try an oil rinse. Not only is oil rinsing great for cutting down [and in some cases eliminating] single strand knots, but it also helps replenish moisture lost from shampooing; leaving your hair soft, shiny and extremely manageable."
So, upon recommending it to T, she now does it religiously once a week and the knots/balls/tangle thingys are no more! How awesome is that? So, if you have an overabundance of SSKs or your hair is prone to tangling especially when wearing a WNG, by all means give oil rinsing a try.

The basic steps according to the article by moptopmaven are:
  • Shampoo your hair
  • Add about 1/4 cup of your favorite oil liberally throughout your hair
  • Leave in for about 2-3 minutes 
  • Rinse out thoroughly with warm water [don't use cool for this process, as the warm water ensures that all traces of oil are removed]
  • Condition hair as usual
She also gives oil recommendations based on your particular need.Here is a great article from Natural Hair Rules on preventing SSKs.

That's it curlies, until next time, stay tangle and knot free! 



  1. I was just re-directed to your blog from Shelli's. I am desperate to find a way to rid myself of ssks and tangles. I am willing to try anything. Thank you for this post. I'll update you on how things go.

  2. Thanks Stephanie for reading and thanks Shelli for recommending...you rock girlie. Stephanie, I say for sure give the oil rinsing a try and you might be pleasantly surprised. Of course you might need to get the tiniest of trims to be rid out the knots already there. Also, increase your moisture game and really not fidgeting worth it too much will be sure to help. Can't wait to hear your update.


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