11 June, 2012

Video Tutorial on How I refresh My Wash and Go

I thought I will do a video tutorial for those who are visual.

I styled my hair using the following:
  • Damp hair
  • Let's Jam Custard
  • Garnier Fructis Pure Gel (CG approved)
I went to bed with my hair in three pineapples and slept on my satin pillow case.

I refreshed with:
  • Water
  • Steam from the shower
  • Jane Carter Leave In
  • Used Eco Styler on my edges
I still have low porosity hair that still has an issue with absorbing product but styling on damp hair helps a lot but I still have to rinse out the residue conditioner. A reader suggested warming the conditioner before applying it. I head read it on somewhere too (have to find the link) so I will try that and report back on how/if it works.

Thanks ladies for reading as always :) And share other tips and tricks in the comments because we all learn from each other.

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  1. well i want just say on the pineappling short hair with scrunches is such a good idea.. I have being doing tht too and it works..thanks again..cuz i hve short hair with lots of shringage..hve i talk about shringage...


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