30 July, 2012

Box Braids By Nwanneka

So, my friend Nwanneka of Nwanneka's Hair Designs was in town from Austin to visit and since she is a stylist, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get box braids done.

These pictures of:

 and Bey all around the inter-web convinced me. 

We used 4 packs of Kanekalon hair from Nigeria (expression) as it is light weight so as not to strain my edges. There is an African technique called "pulling" whereby the ends of the hair are pulled out strand by strand so as not to have blunt ends. So, after pulling, it was time to braid!

Nwanneka is super fast and even after a whole day of activity and how long my braids are, it took her less than 5 hours to do. SCORE! Thanks girl!!
(so if you are in Austin, hit her up (512) 698-0054 and tell her I sent you. Thanks :))

I plan to do many updos with them, mess around with them, enjoy the length and of course I will be blogging about it. I will also do a post on how I prepped my hair and my gfameplan for moisturizing it for the month I will have it in.


Insanity - My Personal Journey


So,  a week ago that I decided  do something utterly dumb smart such as starting Insanity. Yeah you've heard of it and seen it on the late night infomercials where they claim that...

"The INSANITY® workout might just be the hardest fitness program ever put on DVD"

now, who in their right mind after reading that will go ahead and drop the $150 plus on it? Well, this girl here and many others worldwide. Why you ask? Because like so many others I'm looking to push myself beyond what I've ever done. I'm looking to change my body and I NEED someone/a program to push me HARD and THIS right here does it for me...if I survive that is.

I will be blogging about my experience on a week to week basis sharing my struggles, progress and everything in-between so please stay tuned.

I will still write about hair a lot but of what benefit is it to have fly hair and an unhealthy body? Yup, none! so here goes to being better OVERALL!!

Are any of you ladies doing/done Insanity? If so, please share and let's support each other. It takes a village after all.

28 July, 2012

[Video] 'Curl Formers' Set on Straight Natural Hair + Resulting WNG

So, I straightened my hair (I have to do a post on that) in order to get a trim to get rid of some of my SSK's and I hated it. It was flat and lifeless partly because I have really fine and low density hair and partly because my hair is still pretty short despite retaining length steadily.

Anywho, I didn't like it and I thought I might use my curl formers knock off to curl it in order to give it more body...#fail. Yeah, it was a mess so I had to wash out even though I was running majorly late to an event. I just prayed for it to revert and thank goodness that it did. Here, please enjoy and please remind me anytime I start to stray to the dark straight side that my fine-low-density-breakage-prone-hair is not a fan.

Enjoy the video and I will talk to you soon.


26 July, 2012

I'm BACK!!!

I'm so sorry guys for the prolonged absence. It's been a pretty hectic time in my life. I graduated nursing school, moved a week later to California, need to sit for my state boards, had a death in the family and had no internet service for close to a month.

But I'm back and do I have great things in store for y'all.

Stay tuned and thanks for your continued support! :)