30 July, 2012

Box Braids By Nwanneka

So, my friend Nwanneka of Nwanneka's Hair Designs was in town from Austin to visit and since she is a stylist, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get box braids done.

These pictures of:

 and Bey all around the inter-web convinced me. 

We used 4 packs of Kanekalon hair from Nigeria (expression) as it is light weight so as not to strain my edges. There is an African technique called "pulling" whereby the ends of the hair are pulled out strand by strand so as not to have blunt ends. So, after pulling, it was time to braid!

Nwanneka is super fast and even after a whole day of activity and how long my braids are, it took her less than 5 hours to do. SCORE! Thanks girl!!
(so if you are in Austin, hit her up (512) 698-0054 and tell her I sent you. Thanks :))

I plan to do many updos with them, mess around with them, enjoy the length and of course I will be blogging about it. I will also do a post on how I prepped my hair and my gfameplan for moisturizing it for the month I will have it in.



  1. Thanks girl, I love my hair :)

  2. very pretty.....I am so ready to get my hair braided

  3. very pretty with the red flower, love the look hun!


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