28 July, 2012

[Video] 'Curl Formers' Set on Straight Natural Hair + Resulting WNG

So, I straightened my hair (I have to do a post on that) in order to get a trim to get rid of some of my SSK's and I hated it. It was flat and lifeless partly because I have really fine and low density hair and partly because my hair is still pretty short despite retaining length steadily.

Anywho, I didn't like it and I thought I might use my curl formers knock off to curl it in order to give it more body...#fail. Yeah, it was a mess so I had to wash out even though I was running majorly late to an event. I just prayed for it to revert and thank goodness that it did. Here, please enjoy and please remind me anytime I start to stray to the dark straight side that my fine-low-density-breakage-prone-hair is not a fan.

Enjoy the video and I will talk to you soon.


1 comment:

  1. i really enjoyed this video ! I don't think your hair looked bad at all after the curlformers but I understand how it is to feel that your hair doesn't live up to your standards. I really also like the final outcome using the eco styler. I have fine thin 4a/b hair and haven't tried eco styler gel but this actually inspired to me try it for a wash n go !


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