06 August, 2012

Insanity Week 1 & 2 - Not Just The Scale

I just completed my week 2 of Insanity and I'm in LOVE with the program. I had to make a challenging decision after the first week based on my health and fitness goals. The bottom line is I want to have a lower body fat percentage. Based on this chart by the ACE (American Council of Exercise),

Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart1 Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart: How Lean Should You Be? 

my body fat of 28% (I got it checked by a trainer at the gym) is within the "average" range but I want to be in the "fitness" range of 21-24%. I know I can do it with the right program for ME. And right now, Insanity is that program. The challenge I had earlier in the week was whether to continue with Insanity or not. I debated this because I kept reading that Insanity is not a "weight loss program". Many people actually GAIN weight even though they LOOKED leaner while following the program. The reason for this is that since Insanity is a super high intensity program, you need to fuel your workouts properly. This means it's hard to create the caloric deficit needed to loose "weight" - after all, the ONLY way to loose weight/fat is to create a caloric deficit - and with Insanity, it is hard to create that deficit through food alone (more on this later).

And of course, I thought if I'm not creating that caloric deficit through eating less, I won't lose weight and I want to lose weight. But you see, I was not accounting for the caloric deficit being created by virtue of my workouts. Those workouts burn a substantial amount of calories and that counts toward my 500 calories a day deficit needed for 1 pound of weight loss a week. After reaching out to so many people whose opinions I value, I decided to stick with Insanity and I'm so glad I did because I FEEL.SO.GOOD after my workouts that my intuition tells me there is everything right with that even when the scale is not moving as I wish it to. 
It is therefore important to use not only the scale but also other metrics to measure success: i.e. measurements, body fat percentage, how I look in the mirror etc

  • I lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks: 179 - 176
  • I LOOK a little bit leaner :)
  • I FEEL stronger
  • Clothes FIT better
I will update with my fittest results after I do it today.

TAKEAWAYS for next week:
  • Protein shake after my workouts for optimum recovery
  • create and maintain a moderate caloric deficit (through workout and diet)
  • research and invest in a good Heart Rate Monitor
  • PUSH myself HARDER!
  • and have FUN
I hope that you enjoyed the post and if you are debating whether you should do Insanity or not, do your research and assess your fitness level and go for it!

P.S.: This ARTICLE  is the BEST I've ever read on everything to do with fat loss and a healthy lifestyle. It is super long, but it is absolutely worth the read. It dispels myths, teaches truths, provides guidance and overall is the BOMB! http://www.acaloriecounter.com/diet/


  1. Looking good Mrs. Thang;)!! Glad you did your research and decided to stick with it;)!


  2. Thanks ma'am, your input was HUGE! and I will work on my bicep flex thingy lol...fists closer! I got it!

  3. My sister bought me insanity for my birthday and I think I've tried it twice. You've motivated me to take the challenge as well...So this morning it starts and I'll take pics to post too....:-)

  4. I started insanity. I need to make a lifestyle change . Im not consistent with working out. and I need to get my meals under control.

  5. A little bit leaner?!?!??!?!?! Girl you look great! or

  6. Thanks ladies, I appreciate the support.

  7. Today is my day 46 of Insanity and I didn't lose any weight. So the scale isn't my friend...ugh!! However, the camera and tape measure are. I went from having a 42" waist to having a 37 and 3/4" waist and my arms went from 13 and 3/4" to 12". And had my fiance not convinced me to take pictures to see the results he saw, I would've quit a few weeks ago. Though we are in extreme pain, my fiance (who has been doing the program with me since day one) and I are going to go through a 2nd and 3rd round to get better results. Healthy living is our ultimate long-term goal :-)

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