21 August, 2012

INSANITY - Week 3 & 4

My Insanity Day  30 Results (I need to use a plain background for pictures smh)

So, it is the end of week 4 and beginning of week 5 on this CRAZY thing called INSANITY! It has been by far the most challenging and nearly impossible two weeks. It was harder to find the motivation to get the workouts in. Another challenging aspect for me has been not seeing the scale move as fast as I would like it to. BUT I got almost all my workouts in (missed cardio recovery) and it felt good.

My takeaways from the past two weeks:
  • it's okay to modify the workouts if you truly KNOW that you've given all you can
  • if you miss a day, don't beat yourself up about it because there were 27 days you showed up and kicked behind
  • don't be afraid to ask a loved one for help/support. We are not islands to ourselves; it takes a community 
What I'm taking into next the upcoming month:
  • I truly do need to eat better to see more results
  • I'm truly aware that I'm going to have to dig deeper to get through the 60 minute intense workouts that month 2 brings and I'm ready to do that
  • appreciate the small things: how I can go through a full section without rest, how I can do that many more push ups etc.

July 23, 2012 (Day 1)
August 21, 2012 (Day 30)
Lower Abs


  1. Seriously Christabel, it looks like you've lost a lot more than 4 pounds!! And, it looks like you've lost more inches than that too. Your posture looks better and your abs a lot tighter. So, definitely don't let the scale deter you. Whenever I first get myself into a consistent routine and eating right, my first month is really slow going on the scale. I feel like I hold water weight, but I never lose that 3-5 lbs a lot of people do the first week. I might lose 1 lb a week and that doesn't even remain stable. Seems to depend on the day and where the scale is sitting;)! But, I can always feel my body tightening, especially around my abs and upper body. So, again, don't go by the scale. By doing 1 day of Insanity, you have done far more than I would ... sorry, not gonna do it!! LOL!! So, 30 days?!?! That's frickin' awesome and I know that you are going to make it to the end because I can tell that you like a challenge ... and want that tee-shirt;)!!


  2. Awww....thanks Shelli. I know how hard it can be for me looking at the scale all the time and following the advice of this article I read, I'm going to put the scale away for the whole month and see if I'm pleasantly surprised at the end. I do feel so so much better. Leaner, and clothes fit so much better and that I'm loving! I can't wait to see your pics and your progress cuz I know you are killing it in the basement!

    I just need to figure out a way to conquer my emotional eating issues. I feel like I need therapy for it sometimes. It has to be wrong for food to give me as much pleasure as it does! I just ate a bunch of chocolate but I am truly determined to make this month and awesome one.

  3. Awww...thanks Nina. I love you! and you went to school with my husband Truman state so he was like Truman Alums are doing BIG things when I showed him your picture in people and all your accomplishments. Well done and you inspire so many people than you could ever imagine!


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