01 August, 2012

My Straight Hair Experience

Right after the salon visit
Since going natural almost 4 years ago, I've never gotten my hair professionally straightened until a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a different look, I wanted a trim to get rid of some of my single strand knots (SSK), so it made sense to get it professionally done.

 Yeah, I was not very happy as you can tell from my face
My salon experience was really nice, the stylist used Joico products and they smelt delightful and my hair did not feel too dry after she shampooed it. So, it was the typical, blow dry and straighten deal except the stylist did not expect my hair to be so fine. Literally, it felt like I had no hair on my scalp.
THIS is why I have come to adore wash and go's because my shrinkage is nature's way of saying...gurl you got no hair so let me camouflage it for you so don't be trying to mess with it!

Well, I listened because never again (never say never I know) but right now, I just can't see myself straightening my hair again. Suffice it to say, after unsuccessfully trying to impart needed volume to it, I washed it out the very next day as you see in this video here.

Since my hair was cut curly, the back was uneven and I didn't want her to even it so yeah, it looked a mess and this was day uno!

And my edges didn't have the camouflage the curls provide so yeah not feeling it at all

 This was the next day. I wrapped my hair the night before but apparently, it didn't work cuz my hair looked jacked up!

Morale of the story is, if you have fine, low-density hair. Take advantage of nature and your hair's unique characteristics and you ought to enjoy your hair a tad bit more that way! TRULY!
And so, by the next day, I was back to my beloved curls :)

  • Since I suspected that she might have used some silicones, I washed my hair with a sulfate shampoo. I used the Neutrogena Claryfying Shampoo because it is awesome at claryfication
  • My hair reverted with no problem but this might have been due to the fact that I DC'ed before getting it straighteded. Also, my hair is naturally super soft so no need for excess heat when straightening it
  • Even though I had no heat damage, my hair felt "elongated" even after the first wash. It went back to normal after a few cowashes.
Until next time, Adios and as always, share in the comment section.



  1. Fine-haired ladies do NOT need to straighten their hair...CB

  2. I know that lol trust me, I do

  3. Curly hair is sooo you!! Yeah, could totally tell you were not happy with the straight hair! LOL!! My youngest sister has very fine hair too (strand and density). No one would ever guess it when her hair is curly ... it looks so thick! I prefer her hair curly too ... though, you couldn't tell my aunt and grandmother that! They always want her to straighten it!


  4. Yup Shelli, straight hair on me is no beuno! I might give it a go again when it's much longer that way, the length could perhaps camouflage my "situation" lol


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