21 August, 2012

The Power of Rewarding One's Self

I posted this picture on my Facebook page today showing how I rewarded myself for finishing the first month of insanity. Believe me when I say that this idea of rewarding myself is a novel one to me. I'm the person who is definitely harder on herself than anyone else. Usually, when I accomplish something, I will find other things I didn't do as well to focus on. An example is when I ran my first marathon in May, the first thing I said after crossing the finish line was "my time sucked". My husband looked at me like are you for real? just 5 months prior, you couldn't run for 10 minutes without dying and now you tell me your time after running 13.1 miles is "bad"?

That's when it hit me, I take myself for granted. I always look for the worst in me. To what avail  I asked myself? Well, what would happen is after all the negative self-talk, I will proceed into a downward spiral, albeit sub-consciously. That's how I gained back 7 of the 10 pounds I lost while training for the race. After the race, I stopped running, I started eating like I used to and the weight came back on. 

This time around while doing Insanity, I promised myself to pat myself on the back as often as possible because it is only by doing that can I propel myself forward. I still need reminders from time to time form the hubby (I missed 1 day of Insanity out of the 30 days and I about beat myself to death about it...didn't say I was perfect at it yet) to let the little things go and see the bigger picture. I'm doing that and I'm loving it. Hence, even though I missed 1 day...I did 29 days strong and I deserve those awesome Reeboks.

I have this on my computer background to remind me of the importance of self-recognition

source unknown

So, pat yourself on the back, pick yourself up, make the changes needed but always remember that 1 will always be greater than 0 so every little counts!


  1. Chichi, I am so inspired by your tenacity! I absolutely hate working out, but reading about you actually dedicating yourself to constant improvement gives people like me hope. Did you really lose 110 pounds? That is incredible! Keep up the good work, your readers are cheering for you!

  2. Hi Pettite Diva, thanks for the complement. It's a work in progress and I'm enjoying it.

    You know, I really should proof-read better...no, not 110. It was supposed to say 10 pounds.


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