12 September, 2012

INSANITY Update - Eating More to Loose Weight

So, I'm about 2 weeks from finishing Insanity but I've been really struggling to get through the workouts. I was so weak, felt faint, not loosing fat (inches), definitely not loosing weight, sluggish throughout the day etc. So I knew it was time to go back to the drawing board.  

Using the calculator in the Elite Nutrition guide (which I should have done in the first place smh), I realized I was eating way too little and so I’m going to remedy this by following the recommendations and increasing my calorie intake from around 1300 to 2000 calories/day. I will adjust as needed based on my results each week. I will not do their exact same meals but I will be sure to incorporate some of the items here and there especially breakfast and snacks.   

In addition to nutritional changes, I'm also going to redo the last week of month and restart month 2. Let's see if I get the results I want. This is what my new and improved eating plan will be:

BMR = 1600 calories
Activity Level (moderately active) = 1600 * 1.55 = 2500 calories
Weight Loss: 2500-500 = 2000 calories/day
Eating 5 times/day = 400 calories a meal
·         Meal 1: Breakfast
·         Meal 2: Mid-Morning Snack
·         Meal 3: Lunch
·         Meal 4: Afternoon Snack
·         Meal 5: Dinner
*Notes: Eating too soon before a workout will lead to not enough energy for working out because the body is working on digestion. Eat 3 hours before a workout*  
Couple of questions:

 Do you ever find yourself going backwards when following a training program? Yes, I definitely could tell I was loosing strength because I was getting dizzy with the month 2 workouts and would not even finish some. That's when I knew I had to do something.

 Does the concept of eating more to loose weight scare you? It scares the crap out of me because I always thought, if you are not loosing weight, just eat less. But not so especially if you are working out and want your body to recover appropriately.

 Well, I will let you guys know how it goes.

Till later,



  1. You may not like my answer. I use to suffer with the how much do I eat problem in proportion to exercise. My intuition told me that something is wrong. If I start eating a lot and then have some times when I don't exercise, won't my stomach stretch and require more food. So after years and years of the diet and exercise conundrum I did more research and found a lady on You Tube who explained, contrary to most professionals, that the idea of eating and exercising as two things related to each other was not quite accurate. Even though my mind resisted I listened to what she had to say. In short, she states that you eat nutritious food for your body. period. And then exercise should be fun so you won't obsess over it. In other words if we eat what is nutritious for the body, irrespective of exercise, then that is what is required for eating. And then if we treat exercise as a separate issue: we focus on exercise for fun not to "loose weight". I know. It sounds contrary to what we've been talk. It helps me. I now see what I eat(and intuitively I know when I'm not eating right) and my exercise regime as two separate issues. Here's an example: I often wondered why in some countries people can just do yoga and yet stay in shape. Or in some other countries people don't set up "exercise" regimes and they do not have the obesity issues that occur in the western world. (because their exercise is natural and built into their life)

    If you're interested in learning more here is a link. I'm not an affiliate or selling anything. But it is interesting and freeing once you can get out of the exercise/calorie conundrum. The women who discovered this had an eating disorder and that is what led her to explore this.

    Anyway here is the link to her website and you can find her videos on you tube.

    If you're interested

  2. Hi sandy, thanks for the link. I'll look it up and let you know what I think. It definitely is an interesting concept and I agree that doing what we love is the best kind of workout. Being from West Africa, I know how just living an active lifestyle keeps people healthy.

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