02 September, 2012

Wash n Go Using Kiss My Face Gel and Castor Oil

I've been meaning to do a wash and go using the Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel and Castor Oil since I saw Nisus of It's Just Hair use it successfully a few months ago. Anywho, I finally tried it and I LOVED the results. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures but I don't think pictures would have done it any justice. The amazing thing about the combination is that it made my hair feel so so soft and moisturized and just overall awesome. BUT - and this is a but I say with much regret - I don't think it's a combo I'll be using often because I hate how untouchable oil makes my hair feel. When the hubby runs his hands through my hair, his fingers had an oil residue that does not work for either of us.

So unfortunately, I will stick to with either using the gel without castor oil (will let you know how it goes), Eco Styler Gel or conditioner only for my Wash-n-Gos.

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Until Later,


  1. Can you tell what the difference is between the curls when you use gel versus just using conditioner? I've not had success with gels. Just wondering what your experience is...Thank you.

  2. Hi Sandra, I will say that the biggest difference with gels is that I get more curl definition that I can maintain for multiple days without re wetting in the shower. With conditioner only, I get fluffier hair that is softer to the touch without the gel cast but I have to redo my hair everyday or every other say. Hth

  3. Chys,
    I wonder if using a heavier product such as a smoothie or souffle other than gel to define curls would help. I use the Eco Styler Olive Oil gel and my hair is crunchy initially. It softens as the days go by with the help of water and Giovanii Direct Leave-in conditioner. I also dislike the oil residue on my hair. Perhaps I'm a little heavy handed. Do you have a technique you use to apply your oils?


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