09 October, 2012

Randonmess, updates and end of Insanity

Starting weight: 179lbs
Ending weight: 172lbs
(more measurements to come)

Hi guys, I feel as though this is most neglected blog in the face of the universe and I want to say sorry for that but life just kinda happens.

I have sorta kept up with Insanity but I modified it to suite my lifestyle in month 2. I did the workouts as prescribed for the first two weeks of month 2 but the 55+ minutes at such a high intensity was way too long. So, I added in the month 1 videos and keeping my workouts around 30-45 minutes and then I added weight training back into the mix.

I will write more on it but I wanted to post my amazing results as of today. The BIGGEST thing I think I took from Insanity is that any workout as intense as Insanity will change your body but only if your DIET is on point!

Also, make sure the "weight" you are loosing is mostly fat and not muscle because that sucker is hard to build back up.

 Until later, ChyChy.