10 November, 2012

Hair Cut | Africa | New Blog Focus

Man, this blog is looking like an abandoned child and it's killing me but you know life happens and according to Maslow's Hierarchy, you gotta take care of certain things before others (like maintain a blog) can happen. So, I've been taking care of things in my life.

I will be back to blogging but I'm going to have to change gears on what I write about. I LOVE natural hair! Anyone who knows me knows that I can talk about natural hair all day everyday! But when I think about the things that motivate me each and everyday and my biggest passions in life, it encompasses much more than hair. So, while I will still blog about hair, I will also write about things in my life that push me, motivate me and bring me the biggest pleasures such as fitness (weight lifting), fashion, and family just to name a few. When I think of the blogs that are my personal favorites, while they do have a distinguishing focus (crocheting, hair fitness etc), the bloggers also involve other aspects of their life that make them who they are.

Is the blog still going to be about hair? Yes, to an extent. But it will include anything and everything that gives me a unique voice and that I think people would like to read about. For an example, 
I have an upcoming trip to Africa, Ghana and Nigeria to be exact and I'm going to be blogging extensively about it since I haven't been home in almost 7 years. I will bring you what the natural hair movement looks like down there and talk about culture, fashion, food, healthy living and many more.
Basically, anything and everything that strikes my fancy. My hope is that some of that resonates with you and makes you keep visiting.

I'm excited about this new direction and I think this will enable me write more because after all, life is more than conditioners and shampoos.

Until later,


P.S.: Oh I got a new hair cut and I'm totally digging it!

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