05 March, 2013

My Current Rgeimen + Low Porosity Hair and Color

I wanted to do a long overdue update on my current regimen. I've been doing the Curly Girl (CG) method for close to a year now and I must say, I'm in love! It has simplified hair care for me and I've had a chance to tweak things and now, I can't say I have many bad hair days. So what am I doing?

Well, as many of you might know, I got highlights in my hair last year and I kept it in for a really long time because I loved it.

Yet, about a month or two again, I dyed it back to black because it was due for a touch up and I'm far from my original stylist and I didn't want to risk someone not getting the color right. Anywhos, coloring has done my low porosity hair some good because it's made it easier for my hair to take in moisture and retain it so that is a great thing!

My regimen right now is pretty simple and I developed it by accident when I was in Africa. I took a bunch of products home but they were for my mom who went natural but didn't have access to decent product. So, because of the humidity and just overall ease, I wanted a really simple regimen with products that have good ingredients. In comes Kinky Curly, both the Knot Today and Curling Custard. The combination proved to be heaven sent because it worked really well with the humidity due to the glycerin content. I must admit, my hair was far from touchable because it was so sticky but it was very moisturized so I wasn't mad at all.

When I came back to home to Northern California (hardly any humidity) I just stuck to using the combo every four days for my wash and gos and guess what? I had moisturized hair without the tackiness!! WIN!

Hence my KISS (Keep It Simple Sista) regimen was born:

  • Every four days, cowash my hair with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner and finger detangle
  • Apply the LUV Naturals Conditional Love conditioner from Kimmaytube and leave in for 15 minutes as a "deep conditioner"
  • Wash that out and apply the Kinky curly Knot Today as my leave in
  • Followed by the KCCC as my styler
  • and viola!! awesome hair every single time!

P.S.: I've been loving my hair cut but I think I might grow it out because stylists be messing up my touch ups man!

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  1. looks cute. I like the simplicity. I agree about the stylists. The sometimes mess up a cut you like and then you have to start over again. If you're in Northern California have you check out Sheila Head of Head Designs. She has a good artistic eye and works with naturals.


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