18 May, 2013

Hair Color Fail - part 1

You know how you get an itch and you just have to go through with whatever it is? Well I had this "itch" to color my hair a couple of weeks ago. So what do I do? I walk in to a random salon that said "walk-ins welcome". Well they said I was welcome no?

Oh my gah!! I should have known better when she said she's never dealt with my "hair type". I really should have known better but I thought color has nothing to do with texture so as long as she can color as she says she can, I'll go ahead and have her blow my hair out to eliminate the texture factor. 

I think it would have worked out except for the itty bitty fact that she knew zero, zilch, nada, nothing about hair coloring concepts and techniques. 

I (kinda) blog about hair so it wasn't too hard to find a picture to show her that I wanted my hair exactly like it was before I dyed it black a few months prior. In fact, I found a thousand and one pictures and walked her through how I just want the top bits colored and how I want three different shades to create the highlights/lowlights combo I had prior.

Like So

and so
She said affirmative, I KNOW what you want and I say, let's get on with it. Can I just say...... Well I won't say, I'll show you (pardon the picture quality as this was gotten with my front facing camera at the salon)

Exhibit A: after color application, wash and conditioner. I dunno what happened but my hair looked so freaking dull. I think she didn't use the right developer? So the color didn't show up. But she said she can fix it so I say maybe all is not lost.  

Exhibit B: lady woman here decides that bleaching will solve things. 

Exhibit C: she bleaches it a second time to get it to the right "tone"

Exhibit D: she puts a toner over it which is supposed to give me a coppery red color because at this point I had given up on my highlighting dreams and a coppery red color was something I could live with. 

Exhibit E: she puts an orange based toner over the bleached hair. And from my google search, this was the worst thing you could do if you don't want to end up with orange hair. You need a toner with a blue base to cancel out the orange. But of course my illustrious colorist had no clue. 

Okay this is a really long post but I think it mimics exactly how long I was there at that salon. A whopping 5 hours!!!!

In conclusion, I left 5 hours later with orange hair. That.i.paid.for. Because I felt bad for her!!

Stay tuned for part two on how I used my googling powers to figure out a solution to this monstrosity. 



  1. Oh. Wow. O_O

    Can't wait to see how you salvaged this ... but can't believe you paid for it!! FULL price?!?! I'm definitely hoping you used a temporary/semi-permanent color, because it seems like she put your hair to task and it needs some TLC!

  2. Christabel MintahMay 19, 2013 at 8:12 PM

    I know Shelli. I payed because I always feel bad for immigrants as I am one so I paid her. Yeah be sure to come back and check out my piss poor attempt at redeeming it.

  3. Just saw your video. Goodness. You are a "good person", because it's obvious she didn't know what she was doing. I think I would have been ready to take legal action. Even though your hair texture was new to her there was no reason for it to turn out this color. But anyway, you learn and then move on. I notice on your video you said you're going to let it grow out again; any reason you changed your mind. I like it both short and long on you; but just wondering. I think you did a great job straightening out this situation.


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