21 May, 2013

Hair Color Fail - Part 2 (The Redemption)

In the Sun
This is the second and final part of my hair color fail chronicles and I'm going to talk about how I tried to salvage it. See first part here.

So after the 5 or 6 hours I spent at the salon, I came home and started googling like a mad woman. My searches went something like: "how to cancel out orange hair color", "hair color gone bad and turned orange how do you fix it", "my hair is orange how do I fix it" etc. I'm a horrible googler but I was fortunate in that this is a common occurrence when the wrong based toner is used or when bleach is not left on long enough. The most common response I got was to use hair toner with a blue base or but "ash brown" box color to go over the orange and that should greatly reduce or cancel out the orange tone.

Armed with this info and a desperation (as I had bible studies the next day and didn't want to look retarded), I went to my local CVS to buy the ash brown hair color. I debated getting a semi-permanent color or a rinse to go over it but I nixed that idea because I didn't want the color fading over a few washes only to be back to square one. So I went with a permanent color which I was fully cognizant meant more damage to my already fragile strands. But you know, you gotta do what you gotta do. And so I did and while I can't say I'm 100% pleased with the results, it is a marked improvement to the alternative.

I actually went ahead and made an appointment with a trusted stylist (which I should have had the patience to wait for anyways) and we're going to see about getting some highlights in the crown and front area to brighten up the tone and hopefully leaving me very pleased.

I took some pictures and recorded a video of what it looks like today after I did my usual wash and go. Enjoy!

Indoors (that's supposed to be my husbands caricature. So not an accurate description)
In the sun

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